Why is Chelsea Investments Such a Good Broker?


Chelsea Investments is a Forex broker that has one big intention — to help you unlock your true trading potential. Let us tell you something, to do that, a broker has to offer impeccable service. That’s exactly the reason we wanted to see what Chelsea Investments offers to its clients and if that offer is worth your time and money.


If you decide to open an account at Chelsea Investments, you will have five options — Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. This is an excellent thing since it shows us that each person will be able to find something, no matter the experience.

That said, if you are a beginner, a Basic account would suit you the most. This is the smallest one when we look at the deposit (requirement is just 250 EUR) and it offers over 200 tradable assets, market review and flexible leverage up to 1:100. This is more than enough for a good start and if you ever feel a need to upgrade your account, Chelsea Investments will allow you to do that.

The next one is named Silver and the minimum deposit requirement is significantly higher this time. It’s 10,000 EUR but all those benefits that you get are more than worth it. If you go with the Silver account, you can count on a dedicated senior account manager. Also, leverage is up to 1:200, there are monthly webinars, bonus funds and risk management planning. Withdrawals are prioritized (Level three), you will get special venture promotions, etc. So, this is one excellent account for all those people who like to have every benefit a broker can offer, but they are still unsure whether or not to deposit more.

The Gold account comes with all those benefits that we just mentioned, but they are a bit upgraded. For example, leverage is up to 1:300 this time, webinars are weekly, and you will have private analysis sessions. This also means that the minimum deposit requirement is higher, and you will have to add at least $25,000 to your trading account.

The fourth account is named Platinum and the minimum deposit requirement this time is $100,000. Within this account, spreads are VIP, the leverage up to 1:400 and you will gain access to every VIP event. Lastly, withdrawal prioritization is Level one. This account is suitable for everyone with a big trading appetite. The offer is amazing, and we doubt that you will need more than this.

In the beginning, we said there are five accounts. Well, the fifth is a bit different from the rest. We are not talking about the regular account, since there isn’t a list of trading conditions. Instead, you will have to speak to your account manager and upgrade your existing account to this one. What makes a VIP account different is the fact that it is completely tailor-made for you. So, if you want something unique, simply discuss it with your account manager.

Our final thoughts about the Chelsea Investments account offer are more than positive. Your level of experience doesn’t matter here, since this broker provided so many options.



Chelsea Investments is a type of broker that understands the importance of good education. That said, they provided excellent education for every level of experience. If you are a beginner, you can read all those eBooks that will help you make better moves and if you are a professional, there are a lot of webinars that will be interesting and helpful to you.


The first thing we want to discuss in this Chelsea Investments review is the trading platform. It’s obvious that you will be spending a lot of time here if you open an account, and that’s why we think this part deserves the most attention.

First of all, you should know that Chelsea Investments provided a web-based platform. There is no need to download any app, you just have to visit the page and trade. This is a unique platform and we are happy to see something different and refreshing.

According to our experience, it’s easy to navigate (we didn’t need assistance) and it is neatly organised. Three categories are equally important. The first one is for account management, the second one has a list of all tradable assets and the third is for the chart. That chart will appear once you choose the asset you want, and you can fully customise it.

Overall, we are satisfied with this part and if you want a unique platform that is suitable for every device, Chelsea Investments will provide it to you.



We are slowly coming to an end to this Chelsea Investments review, and as you can see, we were satisfied with every segment. But there is one more thing we need to check before we make our final decision and tell you if this broker deserves your attention or not. That last thing is customer support responsiveness and it’s one of the most important things in every business.

There are three possible methods to reach out to support — email, online form, and Live Chat. If you need a fast answer, we suggest you go with the Live Chat that is open from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 14:00 GMT.

But if you have any additional questions and you want an in-depth explanation email or online form will be useful to you. To see the responsiveness, we decided to test the email option and send our message during working hours. Since we did that in the early morning, an answer arrived in our Inbox within half an hour, which is great. Not only did we receive a fast reply, but it was very well explained, the customer representative was polite, and the overall impression was great. Apparently, people from London Gates pay a lot of attention to details and customer support and that’s something we want to see in a broker.



The part about funding methods surprised us the most because we didn’t expect to see that selection. There is an option to use Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, PayPal or any virtual currency and the only requirement is to use the same method for both deposits and withdrawals.

When it comes to transaction speed, it’s an average one. First, you have to go through the Identity Verification process and once that is completed your request will be processed. The usual waiting time is between seven to ten working days, but if we keep in mind that includes all safety procedures, it’s not a long time at all.

There is another option that Chelsea Investments offers and it’s a withdrawal cancellation request. You can make it anytime, without paying additional fees. Once you send the request, someone will approve it and the cancellation process will be done within a couple of days. Overall, this is a great addition to the service and the best way to show the clients they are in the first place.


Finding a proper broker is not an easy task. We are well aware of that since we dedicated a lot of time looking for places with good trading conditions and even better support. What we can say about Chelsea Investments is that it fulfilled our high expectations and provided excellent conditions for trading. So, if you ask for our final opinion — Chelsea Investments deserves to have your trust and we are certain that you won’t have any trouble if you open an account and start trading here.

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