What Makes Man Capital Group so Popular?


Man Capital Group is a fairly new Forex broker, founded with one goal — to turn trading passion into something bigger and useful to every trader. If we have in mind that Man Capital Group was built by a team of experienced traders, that’s more than expected and we hope this broker will manage to share knowledge and experience adequately.

Within those couple of years of existence, people from Man Capital Group managed to build quite a popular name and if you look for clients’ experiences online, you will find so many reviews and positive comments. Since there are so many of them, we are certain there is a good reason for that. That’s why we want to see every part of the service and tell you our final opinion at the end of this review.

First of all, this is a broker that offers over 200 tradable assets, so enhancing your trading portfolio is quite simple here. You will have numerous options. There are five asset classes to choose from — Stocks, Commodities, Currencies, Indices and Crypto. No matter the account, you can choose any class and you will have every single asset available.

We have to say, the first impression is very good but sometimes that can be a problem. You see, now we have much higher expectations from this broker and if the whole service does not fulfil those expectations, we wouldn’t dare to tell you to open an account here. So, let’s just hope that Man Capital Group will do its best to provide great trading conditions and support, so we can say one thing — this is a broker worth your time.



Apparently, this broker wants to give as many options as possible and if you decide to open an account, you will have six choices. The first one is called Self-Managed and you don’t even have to deposit a lot, just 250 EUR and you can start trading. Within this account, you get a market review and leverage up to 1:100.

Of course, if you are an experienced trader this account won’t satisfy your trading appetite and that’s why you can go with five other options. The Basic account is the one where you can deposit a minimum of 5,000 EUR and you will get a dedicated account manager, trading bonus, basic spreads, leverage up to 1:200, trading signals and tier 3 trader room. Not too bad, but most certainly not the best offers this broker has.

The Gold account allows you to get trading signals, financial and risk management planning, special ventures and private analyst sessions. Of course, the minimum deposit requirement is higher, and you will have to add at least 10,000 EUR to your account to be a Gold member.

There are also Platinum and Diamond accounts that include an invitation to VIP events, priority withdrawals, complete access to trade rooms and Bitcoin packages and many other things that will boost your training experience.

Lastly, there is a VIP account, but this one is an invitation only. This means that you need to have an account and after a while, you can discuss with your account manager to upgrade it to VIP. Once you do that, you will have completely custom service and every possible benefit this broker has to offer.



Just like the accounts section, education is excellent. There is so much learning material and the best thing of all, we are talking about interesting and easy to follow eBooks and video lessons. Man Capital Group did not disappoint us at all when it comes to the knowledge base.


Man Capital Group offers a platform that is a bit different from what we are used to. Simply because there is not an option to download MetaTrader. Instead, you will trade using the web-based platform and open it with a browser.

You should know that any device will do — mobile phone, computer, tablet. This is an optimised platform that works without interruptions everywhere. We are always open to innovations, so this kind of platform is completely suitable for us. Yes, we realise that some people like to trade in a familiar field, but a little bit of refreshment is always welcome.

The design of the platform is good. Usually, we do not spend a lot of time commenting on the design, since that is a personal preference and it doesn’t mean that you will like it, but this time we have to say that Man Capital Group went with a minimal design that won’t distract you while you are trading.

When it comes to performance, we can say this platform satisfied our needs completely. You have the left side of the screen for positions, deposit, account state, etc. while the middle part is for trading assets. As soon as you select the asset, a chart will appear and that’s when the fun begins. That chart is fully customisable and you can edit it according to your preferences. For example, you can add or change indicators (slow stochastic, linear regression slope indicator, zig-zag, and many more options), or you can set an interval from one minute to one month. There are also different chart types (line, scatter, candlestick, etc.) and you can select whichever you prefer.

As you can see, this is a client-oriented company and you can tell it’s created by professionals. All information that is crucial for you as a trader are provided (trading hours, maximum trading size, maintenance and initial margin, etc.) so you won’t miss a thing.


If we have to choose our favourite part of each review, that would definitely be customer support. Simply because this is the part where many brokers failed. Apparently, not everyone can understand the importance of good support.

Luckily, Man Capital Group understands that and that’s why this broker provided four different methods and customer support that is available almost every day (Monday to Thursday from 06:00 to 23:00 GMT and Friday from 06:00 to 15:00 GMT). You can choose email, phone call, online form and Live Chat.

Since we always test the responsiveness, this time wasn’t any different. We used Live Chat and received an answer at the same moment. First, an agent greeted us and after a while, we got in-depth instruction. So, if you have any issues, this broker provides a great team to guide you until you find a solution.



As a funding method, you have three options: Credit Cards, e-Wallet, and Wire Transfer. There are no deposit fees, and everything will be instant. Withdrawals, however, are not instant and there are certain fees, but we have good news, they are very small (5 to 10% depending on the amount you requested to withdraw).

The whole withdrawal process is simple, you need to send documents for identification and once your identity is identified, they will proceed with payment. Depending on the account you will wait up to ten business days (some accounts have withdrawal prioritization, and some don’t) so there is a possibility to receive money the same day. That’s great and overall, we don’t have a lot of things to add. This is a decent waiting period, as it should be.


To summarize everything, we can say that Man Capital Group is a broker that is worth your time. You can count on support, education is excellent and trading conditions are more than satisfying. If we combine that with high levels of security, we can say this broker should be on your list.

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