What Do You Know About TopMarketCap?

When we first encountered TopMarketCap broker company, we immediately noticed how advanced and forward-thinking it is. Their entire webpage looks welcoming and also easy to use, which is imperative especially for first-time visitors. It seems that this company combines traditional approaches with modern business solutions and innovative features. As a result, we have a pretty great and promising trading package before our eyes.

Also, we have to notice how dedicated this company is to clients’ safety during trading. The market can be an intimidating place. However, the most important thing to have by your side is a strong broker company that will guide you through all the hardships you may encounter along the way. So far, TopMarketCap seems like a pretty strong contender for that role.

In the following passages, we will review everything that you should know about this company. We will lay out both good and the bad sides, so you can learn about both sides of the coin and ultimately decide if this is the place you want to trade with. Let’s begin!


The first thing that you should know about this company is that it is not regulated. However, this should not be a red flag, as you may have already encountered before. For example, this is a standard fact for many newly established brokers, and it should not mean that you should fear for your safety and resources in terms of funds you wish to put into your account.

TopMarketCap aims to destigmatize unregulated companies by introducing different types of policies and documents that will serve as protection to you and your funds. The most common one is the Anti-money Laundering Policy, which is the most important thing to include in your business, especially if it’s related to finance. It basically says that a company is obligated to collaborate with law enforcement to combat issues such as identity theft, fraud and other harmful and damaging activities that are included in the cybercrime area.



One of the best advantages available at TopMarketCap is the wide selection of account types. It is evident that this company is dedicated to giving its clients as many choices as possible. Each one of these packages is suitable for different trading preferences, not to mention different experiences and budgets. In the following passages, we will review each one of them.


  • Silver

The Silver account type is the most common one, and it comes with a $250 minimum deposit requirement. With it, you will have the access to over 200 tradeable assets on the platform, which you can trade at 1:100 leverage. This is a great starting point, especially for first-timers. Also, this account type could take a lot of the pressure of off you as you decide on your winning trading strategy

  • Gold

The Gold account type is the next in line of the TopMarketCap account packages. It takes you one step further from the previous one and includes some additional features such as your own personal account manager, bonus features and funds, as well as much better spreads and astounding leverage of 1:200.

  • Platinum

If you prefer to sit in the first row and watch all the action happen, the Platinum account is the most suitable option for you. This account is created specifically for high rollers and experienced traders who want to take their trading game further than before

  • VIP

The VIP account type is the last one in the TopMarketCap offering. It is invitation only, so it is reserved for the trusted clients who have been present for a while at the company. It gives you advantages such as priority during transactions process, VIP spreads and winning leverages.


With every account type we mentioned in the previous section, you can have different access to the educational material that this company has to offer. This is quite crucial for you if you want to get ahead in the world of trading. From educational articles and video tutorials to Asset Index and Glossary, there is so much you can choose to get ahead in your trading.

The basic lessons are displayed through webinars and analysis sessions as well as charts and other types of analysis which anyone can easily understand. These are just there to get you started, and when you feel ready, you can move on to other types of educational tools.

Then, after you’ve gone through the basics, you can check out the wide selection of eBooks. They cover specific topics such as the fundamental analysis, CFDs trading and other targeted topics. They are pretty straight to the point and direct, which is admirable and useful for you.


As we mentioned already, TopMarketCap trading platform offers over 200 tradeable assets to its clients. This is quite an astonishing selection, especially since it includes all the major names and groups such as CFDs, Forex, commodities, indices and cryptos. These are a great combination to include in your portfolio. For example, if a stock is trading poorly during a particular trading day, you will probably find that a certain commodity in your portfolio is doing a lot better. This way, the one makes up for the other and you can still count on those profits!


The function named ‘Preview’ is one of the handy tools you can find here. It helps you keep track of all your previous trades and transactions. This way, you can easily create your future trading strategy, as well as try and detect trends in your market behaviour.

Overall, the trading platform is quite easy to use and it loads without any delays. It is web-based, but it is also easily customizable and can be adjusted to different devices for your easier and more enjoyable use – including desktop and mobile, where the views are particularly astonishing and appealing.


No matter how skillful you are in trading, everyone could use a bit of help once in a while, right? This is why it is crucial for a trading company to have a great and functioning customer support team. However, a lot of companies on the market today tend to disregard this, which reflects poorly on its results. Because when the customers are unhappy with any section of the company, they will usually move onto the other one that will be more satisfying and suitable for its needs.

So, we were happy to learn that TopMarketCap support team is dedicated to keeping their clients informed and happy with the service. It is quite simple to get to an agent since you can use several features available on the webpage. The most common one is the live chat, but the clients also like to use the phone number option. We’ve tried out that option as well and were pleasantly surprised by the conversation, and especially the speed of reply.

However, you should keep in mind that the agents are not available 24/7, which is kind of a downside. It takes away the whole point of having a customer support team if you cannot reach them at all times, right? Still, to make up for that fact, TopMarketCap has decided to introduce the Frequently Asked Questions page, which is filled with answers to the most commonly presented questions by the number of clients such as yourself.


There are many payment options that you can use here to make deposits and withdrawals to your account. First, you should know that all deposits are processed instantly, which is a huge relief. However, the withdrawals are a bit of a different story, but that should not surprise you. After all, the withdrawal process also includes things like additional proofs of identity and other security checks.


So, there are 3 big groups of payment options available here. The first one is the bank wire transfer, which is the slowest one. It takes about 3 business days to process. Then, there are many credit and debit cards you can use as well, which take a bit faster to finish your transaction requirements. Lastly, you can also use the Bitcoin transfer option, which processes all your transactions instantly. Also, you should know that there is a possibility for you to request a refund or a cancellation of your previous withdrawal request if you happen to change your mind for any reason.


Lastly, we can only leave you to decide on your own if the TopMarketCap company is worthy of your attention or not. From what we’ve seen, we could safely recommend it to our readers, both first-timers and the experienced traders. You can really learn a lot at this company which can ultimately help you advance your trading game, not to mention diversify your portfolio and increase your chances for acquiring profits. If you are eager to start your trading journey and earn long-term financial stability, TopMarketCap is the perfect spot for that to happen.