Wallets World Crypto Exchange Review 2020


We created this Wallets World review so we can accurately represent the many advantages that make this company so popular among Australian traders. This company offers many benefits to the clients who wish to trade cryptocurrencies that are top leading in the market, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

When we started researching Wallets World crypto exchange and everything there is to know about it, we discovered a lot of positive comments and reviews from the users online. Still, this wasn’t enough to satisfy us, so we decided to try the platform on our own and see if it is the right fit. One thing that is evident each step of the way is that Wallets World is dedicated to providing you security throughout their entire platform, so you can have the most satisfying trading experience yet.


If you wish to rade with Wallets World, the first step you will need to take would be to open an account. The account creation process is quite simple and easy to go through. You will need to input your email address for verification purposes (we will explain this later) and create a safe password which you will use each time you are login into your account.

The next step is to just confirm your identity and desire to create an account by clicking on the link which you will receive in your inbox. From then on, the company will take some time to verify this information, but keep in mind that it is for your safety only. So, while you patiently wait for your account to be confirmed and become fully functioning, let’s see what are some other traits that make Wallets World stand out so much in the best way possible.


We are certain that there is no need to remind you about the importance of education in your everyday trading. After all, you already know that which is why you are reading this review in the first place, right?

When you first engage in the trading world, you will usually be bombarded with different information that are not always accurate. So, how can you know where to look and who to trust?

Wallets World is aware of this issue, which is why they provide a solid and various section of the latest market news and data from the world of finance. Don’t be alarmed if you find a variety of topics here, such as political issues or health updates. These are just some of the many factors that are affecting your trading, so it would be smart to be educated on it.

Later down the page, you can also find a group of regularly updated articles that explain these issues and factors in more detail. They are quite important for all types of traders and all levels of education. Also, if you happen to not find what you’re looking for here, you can always redirect to the Frequently Asked Questions page, where you can find your answers.

For visual traders, there is a huge section with different types of charts and graphs, as well as educational tutorials and expert opinions on the latest trading topics. All in all, this educational part of Wallets World is quite satisfying and appealing, which is rare among platforms.


Wallets World trading platform looks pretty standard and simple, which is important especially if you are new to the game. It is overall easy to use and find what you’re looking for about the latest cryptocurrencies and their market performance. It is also regularly updated, so you won’t be scared of missing out on anything.

The platform is equally appealing on all devices and customizable to a few other themes, so you can make it extra special and suitable for your trading needs. In addition, the platform is loading pretty smoothly and without interruptions or delays on all devices, which is also an important factor.


Wallets World takes into consideration the many different types and characteristics of their clients, which is why they made sure to provide them with as many options as possible to establish contact. They are quite responsive and efficient through all of them, and we will list each one to explain how you can use it.

First, you can use the live chat option which is everyone’s favourite for many reasons. First, you can connect with the agent in a matter of seconds, that hold them on the line for as long as you need to! They are quite friendly and patient, which is crucial.

Then, you can try calling them on their phone number which also pulls through within a few minutes, depending on their client number. We were quite satisfied with their friendly approach and fast response, so we recommend using this option as well.

Aside from these two options, you can contact them by filling out the form on their website or sending them an email. These two options are quite similar and the time for their response is around 24 hours.


Wallets World offers quite a lot of payment options for your deposits and withdrawals, too. First, there is the standard bank wire transfer option, and the credit card option, which is a bit advanced. Then, you will need to have an e-wallet, since you are trading cryptocurrencies, after all!

The processing times can take up to several business days, but this shouldn’t concern you. Quite the opposite – the Wallets World team will use this time to verify your request and information, so they can provide safety of your data and funds. And if you happen to change your mind during this time, worry not! You can cancel your request for a withdrawal and keep trading as you were!


Wallets World has pretty astonishing options and features for trading cryptocurrencies. From useful educational material to helpful tips from experts and friendly customer support. What particularly stands out in our eyes is the fact that this company is constantly changing and improving, and you can do so as well with them.