Trading Crypto with Acquire Bit: Yes or No?


In this Acquire Bit review, we will discuss one of the leading crypto exchanges. This is an Australian crypto exchange that has numerous offers and possibilities, so it’s no wonder clients are so excited about them. They have a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and all the most popular ones are on the list.

When we look at the website, everything seems nice and organised. But that doesn’t mean it really is. We do have verdicts from their clients, but we wanted to see by ourselves whether those statements are true or not. So, let’s go through all segments of their business to see if potential clients can trust them with their money, knowing the funds are protected.


If you decide to open an account at Acquire Bit crypto exchange, the process itself won’t take you much time. All you have to do is add your data and you will receive a verification email in your inbox. Keep in mind that this is just a registration process, after that you still need to verify the identity.

Identity verification usually takes some time. You need to send them some documents (you will find the full list at their KYC Policy) and once they are sure it’s you behind that account, you can start with purchases. That extra day or two you spend on verification is more than necessary and it shows us that Acquire Bit Australia is a legitimate crypto exchange that takes good care of their customers.

It looks like I am starting to understand why Acquire Bit clients love to invest their funds at this crypto exchange. Let’s just hope they will do a good job with other things, too.


I could go on and on about the importance of education in life. Especially if you are stepping into the trading world. There is one thing you should always remember — no matter how good you are, there is still a place for improvement. Even the best cryptocurrency traders read different articles and learning materials on a daily bases. So, this is the part where I can clearly see whether crypto exchange cares about their clients or they are just making empty promises.

What do I expect to see when it comes to the Education Section? Well, different articles about crypto trading are an absolute must. The News part is also mandatory since you need to be updated. Also, FAQ pages are always good to have. As you can see, education is not just a blog section, there is much more than that, so let’s see what we can find at Acquire Bit Australia.

This crypto exchange has separate parts for education materials that are full of different articles. You can learn about Bitcoins (BTC) or any other cryptocurrency. There are also some explanations like how to invest in cryptos, what they are exactly, etc. As you can see, they provided different materials and even if you are already a professional, you will find this section interesting.

Aside from that, there is the News at the Acquire Bit website. This way you will always be updated with everything that is happening on the market and you will be able to make purchases accordingly.

And for the end, they surprised me with Frequently Asked Questions. Although this part seems unnecessary, there are a lot of things you can learn from it. So, if you have any troubles with accounts or withdrawals, be sure to seek an answer there.

I have to say, Acquire Bit Australia surprised me with their education section. I expected to see different articles, but they went beyond my expectations and that’s amazing.


Acquire Bit crypto exchange made an excellent design with a user-friendly interface. You won’t have any trouble with managing the account, since everything is easy to use. The platform itself is customisable and if something doesn’t fit your taste, you can change it visually.

When you decide to make a purchase, it’s easy to switch between currencies or to see what the most popular ones are recently. Also, you can always see the history and keep track of purchases you already made.

Now, we’ve come to the most important part when it comes to technology, optimisation. Their website is optimised and it works on any device. That said, you can use it on a computer, mobile phone or tablet. It will work smooth, without interruptions, no matter the device.

I am satisfied with the platform they provide. It’s nothing innovative, but it works excellent, the loading speed is fast and it has every feature you could need.


The only way to provide proper customer support is to give people options. Each client needs to have the possibility to choose between different contact methods and reach out to crypto exchange the way they feel the most comfortable with.

Acquire Bit crypto exchange listed their email and phone number. Aside from that, you can send them a message using the online form or Live Chat. Not bad at all. Now it’s time to see how responsive they are.

At the very beginning, I would like to point out one thing. If you need a fast solution to any problem, use the phone line. This is definitely the fastest method and you will get an answer instantly.

As usual, I decided to test out the Live Chat option. I sent a message and waited for a reply. It didn’t take them long at all, they replied within a minute. Their answer was straight to the point and the customer representative was very polite. I am glad to see they didn’t provide just some generic answer. Instead, the agent did their best to find a solution for me.

Lastly, there is an email or online form. If you are not in a rush and you don’t mind waiting for a little bit, you can send them a message using one of those two methods. They will reply, without any doubt, but depending on your request they might need a couple of days to provide you with an answer.


From what I can see, Acquire Bit Australia simplified the funding process a lot. There is no need to worry about deposits or withdrawals, since they made it perfect for beginners, too.

Each client needs to have an e-wallet. If you already have one, you are ready to make deposits or withdraw funds. They offer different methods like Credit/Debit Cards (Visa and MasterCard) or Bank Transfers. The process doesn’t take a lot of time, but you will have to verify the account again.

Verification can slow down the withdrawal process, but it shows us that Acquire Bit Australia is a legitimate crypto exchange. So, I don’t mind waiting a little bit. As you can see in this Acquire Bit review, they do everything to protect the funds and that is something I always appreciate.


In the beginning, I didn’t believe this Acquire Bit review would have so many positive things. Usually, when someone promises a lot of things, I end up disappointed. Obviously, that is not the case with this crypto exchange.

They have a platform that is suitable for both beginners and pro traders. You can always count on their support and they will give you great learning material to improve your skills. They have everything every crypto trader needs.