Is the Investment Center a Right Choice for You?

At a first glance, the Investment Center seems to be based on a high-tech operational solution that offers its clients a state-of-the-art experience. This broker company accepts clients from across the world with the exception of the United States and a few other countries. The company’s innovative trading platform offers you an advanced solution and prime access to all the trading tools and different global markets, where you can make all the transactions and exchanges between the markets, too. Also, you can test it out and optimize the platform without a string attached before you decide to actually commit to trade with the Investment Center for the foreseeable future. With the Investment Center, you can monitor the market in real-time, while simultaneously detect patterns, trends, and new trading opportunities. Also, the platform uses various indicators and trading tools that can further enhance your experience while trading at this company. In this Investment Center review, we will talk a bit more about the many possibilities you will have at your disposal if you choose to trade with them.


The Investment Center is a trading company that was founded two decades ago in London, the capital of the United Kingdom. This area is known as the strictest in the entire world when it comes to offering trading services. The regulatory bodies that oversee this entire sector of trading are quite harsh when it comes to imposing different regulatory instructions and guidelines that the trading companies must follow if they wish to provide trading services here. And if it happens that they are slacking at this point, they will be harshly fined by the said regulatory bodies, so it is in everyone’s best interest to honor these rules.


Despite being present since 2001, the Investment Center is one of those companies that keep on growing and keep on giving. Most recently, the company has undergone some type of redesign of its website, making it more approachable and welcoming for the new clients. It is simple to get around and find what you are looking for, so you shouldn’t worry about it at all. Also, it is clear that the Investment Center is committed to providing a top-level trading experience for all its clients, no matter if they are visiting for the first time or they had some experience with trading before. Its platform has received several recognitions from different watchdog websites and other reputable names in the trading industry for being unique and highly functioning. With over 200 tradeable assets, we are certain that this company will be up to your highest standards.


The account type selection at this company is quite common, with 5 different packages in total. Since the Investment Center is primarily focused on providing CFD trading services, this definitely reflects the account types as well. They are optimized to fit the highest of industry standards, as well as your personal preferences as a newly-established trader. Different account tiers will help you decide on the amount of your investment, as well as guide you through different levels of your trading proficiency until you are fully covered to take your own trading destiny into your hands.


So, the basic account type that you can find here is called the Silver account, and it requires a $250 deposit. With it, you will not only have access to all 200+ tradeable assets but also to the daily market reviews and financial news that will help you keep updated with the latest events on the market that can seriously affect your strategy.  The Gold account, on the other hand, is one step above the Silver one so it offers a bit more benefits and advantages such as your own account manager who is a professional at trading, so they can help you resolve any issues and guide you through the market. The leverage is also a bit better when you trade with the Gold account, which is only natural considering that the minimum deposit requirement is $10.000. The Platinum account comes with a minimum deposit of $50.000, and it is designed for professional traders with a lot of experience on the market. It gives you access to specific trading tools and signals as well as webinars, promotions, financial planning, risk and money management and so much more. Lastly, we should also mention the VIP account, which comes with an invitation. We can only imagine what you can do with it! We will leave it to you to decide.


We don’t have to tell you how important it is to include many educational materials and your own personal skills in building your winning trading strategy. With the Investment Center, you can cover different parts of your education with materials such as the variety of eBooks, which contain lessons and explanations of different topics of the market and trading such as technical analysis, market psychology, trading strategies, and more. Also, you can find a section called Asset Index, which includes information about each tradeable asset in more detail, as well as their trading hours and other requirements you should pay attention to. Lastly, we should mention the handy Glossary, which is regularly updated with new terms that are used in trading, so you should get acquainted with those as well.


When we decided to check out the company’s trading platform, we were surprised to find that there isn’t the standard MT4 or MT5 available. Instead, you can find the Investment Center’s own unique proprietary platform, which is much more suitable for different trading personalities and types. There is so much effort and resources that go into the creation of a proprietary platform, which is something to keep in mind when you begin. The interface of the platform is quite appealing and easy to use and scroll through. There are also no interruptions or delays, which is important during a hectic trading day.


The platform offers different trading tools and signals that you can adjust to your trading strategy, and you can also customize it to your preferences and different devices and operating systems. All in all, our experience with it is pretty great, and the selection of tradeable assets is quite admirable!


The customer support staff at the Investment Center is available 6 days a week, which is an upgrade when you compare it with the majority of other companies on the market. There are several features available here that you can use to get in touch, including the live chat option, email, and telephone number. But you should note that the last option is only available for Canadian, Australian, and UK clients. They could definitely broaden their horizons a little bit when it comes to this section of the website.



The funding process at the Investment Center is quite smooth and efficient, which is not at all surprising considering the other features that they were able to cover in the previous sections. The depositing methods are all able to process these transactions immediately, no matter the amount you wish to put into your account. Then, there are no fees on these transactions either, which is always an important thing to consider. We even checked the Terms and Conditions page of this company just to make sure there are no hidden or secretly attached costs that you will be surprised by later. Luckily, there are none!


On the other hand, the deposits may take a bit more time to be processed. But you should keep in mind that the main reason for it is the fact that their team takes a bit more time to verify your information and make sure that your funds go where they are supposed to. The bank wire transfer takes the longest to process your transactions, around 2 to 3 business days. The Bitcoin option is able to process them immediately, while the credit card waiting times depend on your bank. Also, we should mention that there is a possibility to cancel your withdrawal request if you happen to change your mind at any time. The only thing you need to do is send them a request and they will be able to process it in no time. Also, there is a small fee that will be included here, just for the purpose of processing your withdrawal cancelation.


In the end, we have covered every section available at this company. We have to say we were pleasantly surprised with each one of them – from the trading platform to the customer support agents and their friendliness and efficiency. In either case, you will be able to find what you are looking for no matter how proficient you are in trading. And the fact that the Investment Center is based in London says a lot about this company’s ability to keep you and your funds safe, as well as your data which is quite an important thing to consider.