Is StocksCM a scam or trustworthy platform?

In the trading industry, fraudulent activities are not uncommon. Some brokers convince their clients to invest in businesses that are projected to be “100% profitable” when they’re actually detrimental. Others recommend you to buy the assets of the companies that don’t even exist. It is quite easy to encounter such scams and get on the hook, especially if you’re new to CM finance stocks. That’s why we’re here to help you avoid frauds and learn to define whether a trading platform is reliable or not.


Considering that StocksCM is a new player on the market, we’ve decided that it would be useful to research it. We believe that our findings will be helpful for many traders. 


In this StocksCM review, we’ve gathered factual information about the platform to outline its major flaws and advantages. We hope that it will help you make conclusions that will lead you to the right financial decisions.

What assets can you buy or sell at StocksCM?

The platform offers many financial asset classes for trading. You can buy and sell companies’ stocks, commodities, currencies, including crypto, and indices. This really makes it multi-functional and catching for any trader. You can see current positions and closed ones to adjust your strategy to the real-time action.


It is a pretty standard set of online trading platforms’ services, so in this regard, the broker can easily compete with others. But let’s proceed to a more detailed StocksCM review.

What is so engaging about StocksCM?

Many trading platforms have common features. It seems that StocksCM has implemented some of the most handy of them. It strives to find better ways for the improvement of its technology and user experience. To this end, this firm has developed quite an attractive website with a plethora of appealing attributes. It’s highly intuitive and created to suit both experienced traders and novices.


When you put your finances in StocksCM, you will be provided with live stats updates, reliable transactions, and fast withdrawals. The latter can even be prioritized for clients with Gold, Platinum, and VIP statuses. There are many benefits for these account holders, including dedicated managers, lucrative spreads, access to in-depth trading signals, financial and risk management, promotions, webinars, and private analysts. VIP traders will also be able to check out spreads at any time.


StocksCM prices for each account type may be considered equal to the amount of your deposit: €250+ for Silver membership, €10,000+ for Gold, and €50,000+ for Platinum. VIP accounts are available only via invitation.


StocksCM seems to be pretty popular among traders. We’ve explored the platform carefully to find out why and underlined its distinctive features:

  • Interface. There are several dashboard themes you can choose from. Everything is designed in a way that lets you easily scroll through different assets from each category. For the icing on the cake, the platform works on tablets as well.
  • Educational materials. StocksCM bank provides its users with helpful e-books, tutorials, and analytic research on the financial market. These materials are available for free and contain comprehensible visual data, such as charts and graphs.
  • The Glossary section. This is made up of all the important trading terms explained in a simple and understandable language. So, if you’re not familiar with some, you can quickly grasp these words’ essence without even googling them.
  • Safety. The StocksCM platform utilizes SSL encryption technology that provides a secure connection to protect sensitive information. Credit card numbers and login credentials fall under this category.

Things to consider about StocksCM

Although StocksCM has many great features, certain things may make you keep your ears open:


  • There is no explanation about some attributes of different account types.
  • It is unclear if StocksCM’s prices for accounts include additional services.
  • By far, you can’t fund your account with cryptocurrencies. The broker’s payment options only include credit cards, APM and EFT e-wallets, and wire transfers. 


In conclusion, we would like to compare StocksCM’s main positives and negatives to provide you with an objective opinion about it. One of the platform’s noteworthy perks is the catalog of educational materials. They are a great feature for new traders, contributing to the increasing popularity of this broker. The user-friendly customizable interface with a range of asset classes is another cool thing about StocksCM. The platform is also secure because it uses SSL encryption to protect its clients’ data and financial transactions.


Considering all of the above, we think that StocksCM has gained its popularity among financial players by offering all the necessary trading tools at once. It is really comfortable when you can make deals in different segments using only one platform. And the high speed of live updates adds to StocksCM’s attractiveness even more. It allows its clients to react to any fluctuations in numbers and buy and sell at StocksCM faster, giving them the upper hand on the market. 


Compared to these features, minor flaws like limited payment options and the lack of a detailed explanation of the different accounts’ benefits seem forgivable. The platform is running smoothly and has a hand-picked support team that can answer any of your questions. Also, if some information is missing from the website, it doesn’t actually mean that StocksCM is a scam. There are plenty of brokers who provide such details on request but don’t publish them on their Internet resources. Thus, we believe that this platform is worthy of your attention. Given that it’s quite new, StocksCM has enormous potential and can grow into a big player.