With so many new options popping up each day on the market, it can be challenging to assess all their flaws and advantages in order to make a smart trading decision. This is why we created this review – hoping it will answer as much questions as you can possibly have. By improving the brands, we aim to contribute to improving the functionality of the entire trading community. That way, you can grow as an individual trader, as well as engage with other traders, brokers, investors and experts in order to improve your trading journey. And who knows, maybe you too can influence some positive effect on other traders as well!

What is Unique at Stockscm?

When we first heard the name StocksCM, we found it quite catchy. So, what are the distinctive differences to look out for? The main question imposes itself – is StocksCM a scam? Is there a StocksCM complaint somewhere out there, lurking it the shadows? We worked hard and dug deep to try and find a StocksCM bad review, and then a good one, too, so we can create an objective image which can help you decide on your trading strategy. Read along to see what we found out about StocksCM!


StocksCM Brand and Connections

Early on, this platform shows a direct goal of learning and improving their skills in order to complement their traders on their market adventure. How do they do that? By combining the best of both worlds. First, they keep implementing the well-established and functional principles that have proved their experience and tradition, while also trying out new ways and advanced technologies that make the trading world unique.

Trading is quite a long-standing concept, but market trading has its own special qualities and features which are obvious pretty early on. Traditionally, a trade consists of goods and services such as food, beverages, clothing, medical services, driving services, and everything else you can think of that involves money as a means of paying for the service provided. However, on the market, you can trade the money itself! Namely, on the Forex market, which is short for Foreign Exchange, you can trade currency pairs and gain profit on the difference between the two. It’s quite similar to going to exchange one currency for another, but here, the stakes are even higher – you speculate on the difference between the two currencies displayed in pairs. This way, you can accumulate a lot of profit over time and then use it in whichever way you see fit – going to a lavish vacation, paying off that student loan, or rather continuing to invest and grow that capital on your name even more.

Market Trading

Why is market trading so popular? Well, a market is a place where you can engage into exchanges of the things you wouldn’t normally be able to find in your own country. This way, the world is connecting in just a few clicks, creating a unique and exciting trading environment that is welcoming to all. No matter how much (or little) previous knowledge you have, or what time zone you are in! The market is waiting for you to apply your skills and try your luck.

As the trading goes on between the countries and their residents, each one of them becomes more competitive and efficient. This way, they can contribute to a better standard of living, more jobs, bigger wages, and again – stronger national currencies. This is how the cycle works, everyone gains and everyone has a chance for improvement. This is what StocksCM is all about – connecting people, businesses and countries through market trading.


National or Global?

This used to be the most commonly asked question when it comes to an exchange of any kind. Is it safe to go beyond your country’s lines? What kind of risks are waiting for you there?

The truth is, you can never know in either case. That’s how life works, it is unpredictable and sometimes scary, but it wouldn’t be so much fun without those traits. Same goes for trading – the bigger the stakes, the greater the profit. When you engage in an international trade, think of yourself like you are your own country. You have your strengths and weaknesses, your wishes and demands, your dreams and your obstacles.

So, when you choose to go above and beyond and start trading on a global market, you are investing into assets and companies. You are putting your trust into them, hoping that things will turn out well. But guess what? The other side is the same way! Those companies, those creators of Bitcoin and producers of oil, they are all hoping and wishing and praying for a good turnout. And when you set your goals and go into it with an open mind and an open heart, magical things can happen.

When you go global, you give yourself an opportunity to engage with more resources, too. New educational tools, tips and tricks are waiting for you to take a leap, and take advantage. And for a country, it is an opportunity to use labor, land, technology and capital to improve the overall image of its economic landscape.


Comparative Advantage

In currency trading, you will notice that each currency is displayed in a relation to another, for example – USD/EUR. And though they all have their separate and individual values, represented through indexes, they work best when in pairs. This is how countries in the global trade work, too. When two or more countries are engaging in trade, they look at their comparative advantage. That is the thing that makes them unique. In additon, it complements the other side in order for any exchange to work well for both parties.

This way, those countries can concentrate on only producing a certain type (and amount) of product. Whether it be phones or vine – if the other country is lacking it, the first one will provide! And that’s how the cycle is established. From then on, it begins a winning streak that can bring great things to each trader that tries to get in on the action.


Currency Volatility

Volatility of a certain currency makes it that much more appealing to the general public. The market traders who are well-known to take higher profits at the end of the day know it. StocksCM acknowledges that, which is why the offer a variety of different currencies up for trade on their platform. Not only that – they don’t leave you stranded to fight for yourself. They provide education tools including e-books, tutorials, news and analysis. All of this, in hopes to bringing you clarification and sense of empowerment while trading. And while volatility is not something you can predict – bracing yourself and surrounding yourself with best things can take you a long way, no matter where you are going.

External Factors

So, what are those factors that contribute to the currency volatility. There are so many of them, but we will list some that come to mind first:


  • unemployment rate – each country and its respective currency is gravely affected by the number of people who are unemployed. Whatever that reason may be, and it goes both ways. A weaker currency drives a smaller number of jobs available can make the cycle is that much harder to break
  • geopolitical activity – as we’ve mentioned before, each country has its own strengths and weaknesses. They later come into play when they create bonds and connections with other countries during trading. There is so much that affects the currency in this area. From the character of a country’s president to the climate change that affects the crops – you name it
  • capital flow – this is a secondary factor that contributes to the volatility of a certain currency, but quite an important one, to add. Depending on how well a certain country is performing, currency-wise or in any other way, that much capital will come into it. This then drives more investment opportunities, which subsequently creates new job opportunities for local citizens, new factories, facilities for the country and so on
  • interest ratesinterest rates are some of the strongest and most important factors on the country’s economy. That’s why there is an ongoing dilemma each year for a central bank to decide – do we cut them? Do we keep them as they are? This is where many things come into play. The decisions made can gravely affect the entire trading community, by affecting the country’s economy. It sets a new focus for both traders and analysts. It also carves a new path for the trading market to take and apply new things which will inevitably come along the way.



In conclusion of this review, StocksCM seems to be working pretty well in the trading industry. Though it is a newcomer, it seems to be finding its way to the clients quite easily and effortlessly. With a unique approach to education and market volatility, this platform strives to be your number one (and only) choice in trading. Whether it will succeed – only time will tell. So far, it has found itself on a pretty secure path for success.



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