Is Infinity Capital worthy of your time and money?


If you ever thought about exploring the world of online trading, you are in the right place. No doubt, by now, you have realized the complexity of the world you are embarking on, and you want to evaluate your choices. For better or for worse, you can choose from literally a thousand of brokerages across the world. This can certainly be overwhelming, and you have done the right thing coming here for advice. We offer in-depth coverage of all brokerages so that you can know exactly what you are getting into without spending a cent.

Our Infinity Capital review will break down all of its features to determine whether they are right for your needs, ambitions and budget. Like in all our articles, we follow a similar structure here. We observe the brokerage’s offering from two perspectives. Beginners certainly have different needs than those who have been in the industry for years and years. By closely monitoring all features from both perspectives, you will get a much deeper insight into their business. Without further ado, let us begin with a closer look at what account types Infinity Capital offers.



This was the first time when it was apparent that Infinity Capital targets all types of traders. There are several tiers that are designed with different perks in mind. The important thing to note is that all of them include access to the trading platform and all types of trade orders. For as little as €250+ you can experience the full benefit of Infinity Capital new platform without any restrictions. This is good because there is no demo account, but we feel the low entry barrier still makes this basic account type accessible to a wide variety of traders. If you are on a budget, this will be your best choice. On the other hand, if you are not sure about this brokerage, the basic tier is perfect to get your feet wet and experience the features before committing. You can also use the daily market reviews to help you to create a more successful trading strategy.

When you feel you are ready to take on more, you can upgrade to the next three tiers: Silver, Gold and Platinum. All of them require increasingly higher deposits, with €10,000, €25,000 and €100,000 respectively. Along with a higher price, they similarly offer higher numbers of perks. They start off simply with dedicated senior account managers, bonus funds and webinars. All of these do not have a direct impact on your trading but are designed to augment your skills that will help you in the long run. More advanced perks include higher spreads and leverage, financial and risk management planning and lucrative VIP events. These allow you to take your gains to the next level but require higher account tiers and thus larger investments. The cream of the crop offers private analyst session, prioritized withdrawal process and highest possible leverage and spreads. Infinity Capital uses these tools to attract big investors. They receive full control, and practically unlimited potential to satisfy their ambitions.


Beginners will be happy to hear that Infinity Capital offers plenty of educational resources. You can benefit from those regardless of your previous experience. We loved that a significant portion was made available to anyone without the need to create an account first. These tools are located in the Education Centre. There are several categories to choose from. If these are literally your first steps in this industry, we advise checking out the Glossary first. This is a collection of all trading terminology with a clear and concise definition. Don’t worry if you never traded before, everything is written in plain English, so you shouldn’t experience any issues.

Once you master this or feel you already have the necessary background knowledge, you can head directly to the eBooks section. Here you can find several books that will guide you from beginner to some intermediate level. You can learn everything from capital management to advances trading strategies. Each book holds a detailed explanation with illustrations that make it easy to consume this content.

Before you start to build your first portfolio, you can check out the asset index page. Here you will be able to see trading hours and expiry rule for each asset. Building your portfolio around this is super helpful if you are planning to avoid overnight fees. Finally, we always advise checking out the F.A.Q. page just in case. It will give you a good evaluation of all trading and platform concepts at Infinity Capital.



Many traders might find Infinity Capital platform choice a bit odd at face value. Many competitors simply use practically an industry-wide solution such as Meta Trader. Instead, Infinity Capital decided to develop their own web-based solution. The official explanation is that this move was made to enable a healthy mix of performance and features richness. As most of you know, platforms like Meta Trader offer plenty of tools but tend to sacrifice speed in order to achieve it. This tends to be problematic due to the nature of this industry. In many cases the speed of response is vital, and if you encounter some platform lag, this will be detrimental for your investment return.

Infinity capital built its custom-made platform especially around this feature. This light-weight philosophy allows it to achieve fantastic responsiveness. You can be sure that all your trade orders will execute immediately without any delay. Experienced traders will appreciate this feature especially during “trend-seeking” season.


While this stripped-down approach will not mean to novice traders, they benefit from other aspects. As a result of decluttering, traders now generally have a much easier time navigating the website. Everything is streamlined and you can pretty much get anywhere you want with a single click. This quality of life improvement means traders get to spend much more time on actual trading instead of just cluelessly wandering around.

The interface itself is pretty straightforward. You get a clear layout of all available assets on the right. The small preview screen gives you information like buy and sell price, as well as the overall performance since the last session. Once selected, you can observe and interact with each asset on the real-time performance monitor on the right. You are given the tools with which you can analyse current and predict future trends with relative ease.


It’s only natural to expect that you will encounter some issue at some point, so it is normal to expect a decent support system. Still, you’d be surprised by how often this is not the case. Running a multi-lingual team of professional is expensive, and not every brokerage deems it worthy. Luckily, Infinity Capital has invested heavily in this department and it is apparent. There are several ways to interact with them and from our experience, all of them proved to be equally efficient, so It all boils down to your own preference.

There are three call centres: in Australia, the United Kingdom and Austria. You should choose based on your language preference because your experience will pretty much be the same regardless of what you choose. If you don’t like or simply don’t have the time to talk, you can write them an email via the on-page form or interact with a live chat feature. The latter one is surprisingly effective. We expected it to be run by a bot, but there was an actual Infinity Capital representative behind every interaction. This means you will not be directed to the F.A.Q. page every time, but instead you will actually have your problem addressed directly.



When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, everything seems standard at first. If you have ever traded before, you’ll know exactly what you are getting into. The supported funding methods include credit cards, bank wire transfer, and Bitcoin transfers. Not all traders are expected to have an eWallet, but in our experience, this will be an advantage. This becomes apparent when it comes to withdrawals. While deposits are pretty much instant, you might expect some waiting times when going for withdrawals.

Upon some investigation of our own, we discovered that the problem wasn’t with Infinity Capital, but with certain banks. Namely, If you choose to use any bank related method of payment, due to some policies, you may end up waiting up to 4working days before you get your funds from your account to your wallet. On the other hand, Bitcoin users experience no such issues, as all Bitcoin transfers execute without any delay.


At the end of our Infinity Capital review, we have to conclude that we were happy with everything we have experienced thus far. Infinity capital seems to be a trustworthy broker who doesn’t simply wish to cash out quickly but is focused on establishing a long-lasting relationship with its clients. We have to commend the bold choice to create a completely new platform that will turn many newcomers to the idea of investing online. The only thing we would like to see improved would be language offering, as currently, Infinity Capital is available only in English and German. This is completely fine if you already speak one of those two languages, but we feel until this is addressed, many will feel left out.

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