Is Green Tower Investments the Best Option for You?


Opening a Forex brokerage company can be an easy task. But finding a way to the top is difficult, especially nowadays when we can find so many good brokers online. How will someone stand out from the crowd anyway? Well, with great deals, supportive customer service and unique offers. That’s exactly why we prefer to see brokers who are established by a team of professionals.

We don’t like to generalise, but in this case, it’s most likely that Forex veterans will understand traders’ needs and provide them just what they require for a perfect trading journey. That said, Green Tower Investments had to be on our review list. This broker is founded by professionals and they are here to turn your trading dream into reality. Of course, we are eager to see how they plan to do that and what service they implemented.

The main goal is to provide you with a new level of trading that will boost your confidence and help you make better decisions. According to them, safety is the key and we couldn’t agree more. Apparently, this broker implemented different security steps on the website, starting with an SSL certificate. Your data and funds will be protected, and you can trade without any worry. Also, numerous asset classes are provided and you have a selection of more than 200 tradable assets. Everything is provided — Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Currencies or Crypto so it’s up to you to choose the group you prefer.

Although we never give our judgement based on the first thing we see, this time we will say that our expectations got much higher. Yes, there were so many positive reviews online so we kind of expected to see good service, but we didn’t expect to like the first thing we saw. So, Green Tower Investments will have a difficult task to impress us now, since our expectations have been raised even more.



If you decide to open an account at Green Tower Investments, you will have four options. From Basic to VIP, each account will have some benefits. For people who just want to try and get familiar with this broker, there is a Basic Account with a minimum deposit requirement of 250 EUR. Within it, you will have every asset at disposal, market review and leverage up to 1:100.

For others, who want more than this, there are Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts. The Silver one has a deposit requirement of 10,000 EUR while with the Gold you need to deposit 25,000 EUR or more. The platinum account has other deposit requirements and it’s 100,000 EUR. Each of those accounts is excellent because you get a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, lucrative spreads, excellent leverage, trade room analysis, financial and risk management planning, webinars and many other benefits.

Lastly, there is a VIP account and we want to pay some attention to it. This is an invitation-only account, and if you are not familiar with the concept, you might be confused. Basically, you need to be a Green Tower Investments client to become a VIP member. You can open an account and after a while, you should talk to your account manager and upgrade your account to VIP. When you do that, you will have level one prioritized withdrawal, complete access to every event and webinar and many other things that will help you improve your skills and gain new knowledge.

The only thing we can say about account types and all those benefits that come within them is that you could certainly tell that Green Tower Investments is created by Forex veterans.


As expected, the part about education is excellent. There are different eBooks, created for both professional traders and the ones who are just starting their Forex journey. These eBooks are available to everyone, but as a registered user, you will have more benefits such as personalized training, webinars, etc.



The trading platform is the part that we want to see first, just to get a clear picture of whether this broker dedicates time to creating new technology and trading tools. For all MetaTrader fans, we have bad news, you won’t have an option to trade with it. However, this shouldn’t worry you because Green Tower Investments apparently spent a lot of time implementing this web-based platform.

To be honest, we had a lot of fun inspecting every detail of this platform, because it’s quite a refreshment. Who knew we needed something innovative that would occupy our attention for quite some time? First of all, the design is excellent. There aren’t too many details and yet, you will get everything that you need. The platform is customisable and you can arrange details as you wish, to make everything more aesthetically pleasing.

On the left, you will find buttons for account management and there is no need to leave the page if you want to contact support or make a deposit/withdrawal. It’s completely user-friendly and optimised. The asset list is in the middle of the screen and you can choose the one you prefer from there. Once you do that, a chart will appear, and it will have every detail about the asset you selected. So, not a single thing is missed.

Long story short, this platform is easy to navigate. It’s innovative, optimised and it works on every device. Most importantly, you do not need previous experience and you can test it before you open an account to see if it suits you or not.


The last part of this Green Tower Investments review includes customer support. This time, we won’t need a lot of time to tell you our impressions, because we can simply say that Green Tower Investments created an excellent team that will support you through every step of this journey.

If you need help, you can reach out for support through Live Chat, email and online form. No matter what you choose, answers are fast and detailed. So, whatever the question is, you will get an in-depth explanation and they will help you solve any issue that occurs.

We are happy to see that the customer support service is responsive and helpful because that’s just a cherry on the cake for the whole service.



As a payment method, you can choose Credit Card, Bank Wire or Bitcoin Transfer. Deposits are instant and no matter what you choose, you won’t pay any fees. So, you can simply choose what you think it’s the most convenient because conditions are the same for every method.

When it comes to withdrawal, each client will have a different policy based on the account type. Some accounts have prioritized withdrawals, and some don’t. But the average time is around ten days (possibly even less than that) which is great. Fees are more than reasonable, with each withdrawal you will need to pay just 1% (the minimum is 30 EUR and the maximum is 300 EUR). Overall, we are satisfied with this part and we believe that Green Tower Investments did an excellent job.


If you are looking for a broker that will provide you with safe trading and excellent service, then yes — you should open an account at Green Tower Investments. We can completely understand why so many people love to trade here and also why they want to share positive experiences with others. The number of comments you can find online shows that Green Tower Investments knows how to create a good environment for every Forex trader, no matter the level of experience.

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