Is CV Markets a Good Choice?

Are you familiar with the most common sentence in the Forex Market: “There is no investment without a risk?” Well, we have to say one thing. The biggest risk is trading with an unprofessional Forex broker who just wants to take your money. That’s why it’s important to read broker reviews and see other people’s impressions before placing a deposit.

Today, we decided to write this CV Markets review and familiarize you with one trustworthy broker that caught our attention recently. While choosing a broker, we like to put our focus on trading platforms and tools, the number of tradable assets offered, trading conditions, and many other things that make the whole trading experience complete. Things aren’t any different now, so we took some time to test every segment of CV Market’s business and pass our thoughts to you.


CV Markets was founded a few years ago. The main idea behind this broker is to make trading as simple as possible. They claim that trading is easier than we think and let’s tell you something, if this broker managed to simplify the whole process without jeopardizing the quality, we have a true gem.

From all those reviews we have seen online, the quality of the service is on an impeccable level. This broker provides excellent customer support, unique trading platform solutions, and fast transaction processes. Of course, we will have to test everything to see whether it’s really the truth or not, but there is one thing we can say at the very beginning — CV Markets is one promising broker.


Different account types are a mandatory thing in the Forex Market. They need to be created according to the level of experience, so each trader can find something. At CV Markets, that’s exactly the case. There are six accounts, which is not an offer you see so often. Each client can find something suitable for their trading appetite.

The first one is called Self Manage and it has a very low minimum deposit requirement. You can deposit just 250 EUR and in return, you will get a market review and leverage up to 1:100. The second account has a significantly higher deposit (5000 EUR) and it’s created for traders who want to have better conditions. For example, within this account, you will get a dedicated account manager, trading bonus, improved spreads, leverage up to 1:200, and special venture promotions. So, the difference is more than obvious.

Gold account is third on the list and if you want to choose it, you need to deposit at least 10,000 EUR. Needless to say, you will receive more things like trading signals, Tier 2 trade room, financial planning, risk management planning, private analyst session, and priority withdrawal.

With a Platinum account, the minimum deposit requirement is 25,000 EUR and it includes leverage up to 1:300, complete access to trade room, an invitation to VIP events, and platinum spreads. As you can see, being a Platinum member at CV Markets really gives you an excellent opportunity for trading, since the conditions are impeccable.

Diamond accounts offer even more things, but that comes with one requirement. You have to deposit at least 50,000 EUR. In return, you will get diamond spreads, leverage up to 1:400, trading room – Bitcoin package, an invitation to all events, and many other things. If we had to choose, this account would be our personal favorite.

The last one is named Libra and we cannot tell you too many things about it. It’s an invitation-only account, but we assume it’s custom-tailored for each client. So, if you want to have a unique trading experience, go with the Libra account.



If a broker wants to be professional, service quality needs to be on the highest level. That includes education, too. We need to see a separate Education Center, that contains eBooks, video lessons, glossaries, and other informative articles that can be beneficial to clients.

CV Markets understands the importance of good education and that’s why you will find a separate part in the main menu dedicated to that only. The first part of the Education Center is eBooks. There are so many of them and you will find the most basic explanations alongside the advanced strategies and technical analysis.

Each eBook is written in a professional way but still understandable to every trader. You can learn everything about CFDs and Stocks, capital management, Forex in general, and many other things. The best thing of all, those eBooks are completely free and you can read them even if you are not a CV Market’s client. So, just imagine the level of education you can get as a member with a higher account.

Aside from that, this broker implemented a separate page for Glossary that can be handy if you run into any unfamiliar term. They are listed alphabetically, so you will find an explanation within a few seconds.

Lastly, there is an Asset Index. This is a page that contains every important information about companies whose stocks you can trade at CV Markets. For example, you are interested in Alphabet Inc. but you are not sure what’s exactly the main focus of this company. In that case, you can visit the Asset Index page and read a few sentences about the company. They will familiarize you with it and inform you about trading hours and expiry rules. In case you don’t have a habit to visit this page, we advise you to change that. There are so many informative things inside, that can be very helpful for your trading decisions.



Technology is a part that excited us the most in this review. As we mentioned at the beginning, CV Markets wants to make the whole process simple and fast. Well, once we opened the Trading Platform page, we realized how they plan to fulfill their promises.

This broker created a web-based platform with easy access. Simply go to the website and in just two clicks you can start trading. There is no need to download an app and spend time installing it on every device. So, this saves a lot of time and we are amazed at the solution.

The interface is user-friendly, it has all the important details and it’s completely customizable. If you don’t like the chart or indicators, you can change them and adjust everything according to your needs.

The most important thing that saves a lot of time is located in the left part of the screen. It’s a menu for account management. From there, you can access customer support, request a withdrawal, place a deposit, etc. So, in terms of practicality, this is a very simple platform that will allow you to do everything with just a few clicks.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the platform. This broker promised a simple solution and that’s exactly what we got. So, all claims are fulfilled.


Apparently, CV Markets knows how to provide excellent trading conditions to its clients. Everything this broker promised turned out to be true, so we don’t see why things would be different with customer support.

Contact Center is located in the main menu and there are four different options. There is an online form that you can fill in in just a few steps. Add your details, type the message and choose the right department. Simple as that. The next option is to call one phone line (Australia or the United Kingdom) and talk to their customer representatives. Working hours are Monday to Friday 07:00 – 13:00 GMT. Also, if you have a lot of things to ask, there is an option to send an email.

The last method is definitely our favorite — Live Chat. To see how responsive their service really is, we sent a message there. Within a minute one agent greeted us and gave answers to everything we asked. So, if you have any problem don’t hesitate to contact the support, they will give you an answer to any question in a very short period of time.



You may deposit or withdraw funds using credit card payment, a bank transfer, or a digital wallet. If you use several credit cards to make deposits, the equal amount will be transferred back to each of them and if you have any additional profit it can be withdrawn through bank transfers.

Deposits are instant and as soon as you press the button and transfer funds, the money will be on your trading account. The withdrawal process lasts a bit longer, but that’s expected. We are satisfied with that part also since the longest waiting period is ten days.


Things are more than clear, CV Markets is a broker that deserves your trust. It treats clients with respect, everything is simplified which shows how valued your time is. The only thing we can say for the end of this CV Markets review is that this broker has all recommendations from us if you decide to open an account and start trading.