How Reliable Is RosewoodTrust?

RosewoodTrust is an established brokerage firm that has existed since 1986. They are trying to attract as many clients as possible by providing you with a unique insight into the market. For starters, they are open and welcoming to all, and they believe that CFD trading is a skill which anyone can learn if they apply dedication and patience.

They do that by constantly researching the different ways in which the market works, so they can transfer their knowledge to you. Since the market is always evolving and changing, you should be used to the fast pace of the environment, as well as patient with yourself while acquiring the skills needed to become a trading professional.

The big advantage of RosewoodTrust is that they give you the time and space to figure out what you want to achieve when it comes to trading. Maybe you came with the idea of trading CFDs for a while, but then you discovered a flair for commodities. Either way, RosewoodTrust is always there through each step while you discover the best trading version you can become.

Account Types

Many clients do not know this, but the first step to coming into your own as a trader is to simply open your account. That’s right! A lot of brands today including RosewoodTrust are offering their clients the option to trade with a demo account. A demo account is basically giving you the preview of your trading experience free of charge and shows you what you can expect from this broker to give you if you choose to trade with them.

A demo account is handy in a lot of ways, especially if you are visiting the platform for the first time. It can provide you with a guided tour through all the corners of the trading platform, without any obligation or strings attached. And if you are satisfied with your journey afterwards, you can go for the real thing and create your real account!


You can find educational material that explains the basics of trading. Also, it includes the upcoming events in the financial world, and expert market analysis on the variety of topics and trading assets, which include details about the market and the particular asset, its history and predictions of the future performance. And if you prefer to learn through reading, you can always choose one of the many eBooks, or even the handy Glossary which explains all the latest trading terms.

You will be able to learn the basic things like CFDs, Crypto Pairs, Market Order, etc., but aside from that there are Advanced Strategies, Capital Management or Market Analysis, that are a little bit more complex. Apparently, they covered everything.


The RosewoodTrust trading platform is evidently created with a lot of dedication and time, like other popular platforms such as MT4 and MT5. It was constructed by the industry leaders when it comes to design, and the wide variety of assets is a given for a company that aims to be your number one choice. The platform is carefully designed in a way that it is easy to use no matter if you’ve ever had the experience while trading or this is your first time.

The platform gives you the opportunity to trade several hundred different assets, from CFDs and commodities to Forex and other securities. Each one of them is carefully selected and divided by sections with the same name. If you click on each one, you will be presented with a list of assets in that section, as well as useful information about it including the leverage, margin, the spread and a handy chart that shows how that asset was performing on the market in the past.

My personal favourite activity is trading currency pairs. The market where you can trade them is called the Forex market, which is short for Foreign Exchange. Here, you can access your favourite assets at any time considering that the market is always open. You can trade both currency pairs or each currency index as a sole value, whichever you think is the most suitable option.

The Forex market has brought a revolution into the trading world in many ways, particularly when it comes to inclusivity. Before this market was established, trading was usually only available for the wealthy. But with Forex, everyone can be part of this fascinating world, no matter where they come from or how big their trading dreams are.


RosewoodTrust aims to give you the efficient help that you may require along the way, so you can get back on track on your trading journey. Therefore, they are available to you through any channel, while the response is quite fast. It can take up to only a few hours, depending on how busy they are.

You can also use the live chat option which is by far the most useful one since you can connect with an agent right away. Also, you can send them an email which is pretty standard, where you can describe your problem in more detail than you would through a real-time chat. Also, another similar option is filling in the form on their website with an explanation of your issue and your contact info.

My experience with RosewoodTrust customer support was quite pleasant. I could clearly see that they are interested in me as an individual trader, and not just another number on their client list. This was really a surprise and a breath of fresh air for me.


The good thing about RosewoodTrust is that it offers a wide variety of payment options for your depositing and withdrawing needs. From credit cards to e-wallets, there is a slight difference in the amount of time which they take to process your request. For credit cards, it can usually take up to a few business days, while that time is a lot shorter for e-wallets since they are way handier and easier to process.

Also, the additional time that RosewoodTrust requires is to prove that you can rely on them completely. Namely, they will carefully go through your identification documents which you provided in order to make sure everything goes the way it should, and that your data and funds are safe at all times. This is quite encouraging, so I give them credit for this move even if they take a bit more time than I am used to. You can see that safety is their number one priority, and those who acknowledge that will be patient while RosewoodTrust does its thing.

Do We Recommend RosewoodTrust?

As you can see, this RosewoodTrust review is more than positive. I really liked the things they provide to the clients, and from my experience, this is a legitimate broker. That sad, I could freely recommend you to make an account and start your trading journey with them.

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