Have You Ever Heard about Bitteks?


Bitteks is a Forex broker that claims to offer personalized 1-on-1 coaching and industry-leading market data with a great education and trading conditions. Honestly speaking, claims like this are realistic and we expect to see each one of them fulfilled. If that happens, we will be able to say that Bitteks is an excellent broker that takes good care of its clients.


A diversity of account types is one of the first things everyone checks when they look for a new broker. That’s understandable since all of us want to have an option to choose from a wide selection. Well, let’s make one thing clear. Diversity of account types does not mean a lot if the trading conditions are terrible. So, we have to see every account and make sure that within each one of them you get some benefits.

The first account is Silver and if you choose it, you can deposit just 250 EUR. This is perfect for everyone who is just starting because you will get a chance to trade with over 200 assets, there are market reviews and the leverage is up to 1:100.

With the Gold account, you will have to deposit at least 10,000 EUR but this time leverage is better (up to 1:200), there are special venture promotions and monthly webinars, bonus funds, risk management planning and a dedicated senior account manager.

The next account would be Platinum, and this is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to deposit 50,000 EUR or more. It offers so many possibilities such as trading signals, weekly webinars, private analyst sessions, and leverage up to 1:300. Also, you will have prioritized withdrawals and platinum spreads. So, it’s not hard to conclude why this account is our personal preference.

Lastly, there is a VIP account and if you want, you can upgrade any account to VIP. We are talking about an invitation-only account and you will have to contact your dedicated account manager, make a request and as soon as they approve it, you will have all the benefits created just for the VIP users. This means that you will have access to every single event and webinar, leverage will be up to 1:400 and as a cherry on the cake, withdrawals are instant.



If you are here to learn, Bitteks is a great starting point. There are so many eBooks and video materials and the best thing of all, they are completely free for every website visitor. That’s not it, of course. If you open an account here, you will have a personalised approach and a lot more material for learning. 


Bitteks offers one of the simplest platforms we have ever seen. The only thing you need to do is log in to your account and visit the trading platform page. There isn’t a downloadable option, and everything can be done through your web browser, using any device.

The thing we liked the most is the possibility to arrange everything as you want. From a tradable asset list to the chart. Everything is subordinated to you and your personal preferences. When it comes to more important parts, we can say this is a responsive platform that works without interruptions. We spent some time testing it, and not a single error occurred. So, that’s everything we want to see — neat design, responsive technology and no errors.


So far, we have gained a lot of experience and that’s why we can say that support and assistance is one of the biggest problems amongst brokers. This shouldn’t be a problem at all, but a lot of brokers don’t realise the importance of proper support and that’s why they fail to provide good service to their clients. To us, Bitteks looks like one of those companies who know how to pay attention to details and that’s exactly the reason we expect to see impeccable service.

To reach out to the support, you have to go to the contact section in the main menu. There, you will see four different methods and it’s up to you to decide how you want to contact them. The online form is the first method and the only thing you have to do is add your details, choose the department (Customer Support Service, Trading Platform Assistance, General Feedback or Complaint) and send your message. This should make the response much faster since your message goes straight to the right department.

Another option is the most common one, and it’s the email. Two different emails are provided, which is great so if you have to ask something that exceeds the number of characters in the online form, use the email instead. You can also call one of their phone numbers (the working hours are Monday to Friday 03:00 – 12:00 GMT) or use the Live Chat. 

Since Live Chat is supposed to be the fastest method, we decided to test it out. We sent a message and within a couple of minutes, one of their representatives welcomed us. The provided answer was detailed, we found out everything we needed to know and as an additional plus, this agent was very polite. So, if you send a message within working hours, you can count on instant support. Our experience was nothing but positive and if you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. This broker proved that customer support is the top priority.



At Bitteks you can choose three funding methods: Credit Cards, Wire Transfers or Bitcoin transfers. The first step is to create an account, of course, and once you do that a deposit button will appear. As soon as you verify your identity, money will be transferred to your trading account. So, deposits are instant, and you can trade at the same moment without any fees.

As usual, things are different with withdrawals. They are not instant and depending on the account type, the process lasts from seven to ten business days. If you are a VIP client, you can count on instant withdrawals, but if you choose other accounts, you will have to wait a bit.

There are certain fees when you make a withdrawal, but they are one of the lowest we have ever seen. It’s one per cent and the minimum requirement for a withdrawal request is 100 USD/EUR/GBP. So, this is an excellent deal and we couldn’t hide our excitement about it.

There is one other thing that surprised us and before we end the story about funding, we have to mention it. If you make a withdrawal request, but change your mind all of a sudden, you can cancel that withdrawal by sending them an email. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to pay any fees.

This cancelling and refund policy has another benefit — if you are not satisfied with some part of the service and you provide them with a good reason for account deactivation, they will proceed with your request within 48 hours. This time you will have to pay a small fee (1%) and your account will be deactivated. This might not be a big deal for some traders, but it does ensure an additional dose of security, which is very beneficial when you step into the Forex world for the first time.



There is no such a thing as an impeccable Forex broker, but we can say one thing, Bitteks is very close to that. If you open an account here, you will have full support and excellent trading conditions. If we add all those security measurements that are included, we have a very good broker that is worth your time. So, if you are looking for a new place to trade, Bitteks could be a great choice.

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