Golden Gate: Bring Your Forex Journey on Another Level


If you are an experienced trader, who is seeking a change and a new broker, Golden Gate can be the perfect place for a new beginning. This is a Forex broker with excellent reviews and numerous satisfied clients. People continuously recommend this place and that’s why it gained our attention.

We are talking about a broker who is created by a team of professionals. Forex veterans made a perfect online spot for everyone who wants to experience a good Forex journey and if you want to enjoy excellent trading conditions and a safe platform, it’s time to see what you can get with Golden Gate.



Since we are dealing with a broker who understands how important it is to create a proper environment for clients, it’s expected to see different account types in the offer. The main difference is the minimum deposit requirement. You can choose between the smallest account where you can deposit only $250 to the biggest one with a minimum deposit requirement of over $100,000.

Of course, each account has some unique offers as well. From special venture promotions, risk management planning, access to lucrative VIP events to trade room analysis. Everything is transparent and you will be able to find all information on their Account Type page.

The thing we like the most is that even with the smallest account, you will receive enough things you need for perfect trading. Over 200 tradable assets, market reviews, and excellent leverage. If you are a beginner, you don’t need more than that to start.


As long as we want to make any progress, we need to keep educating ourselves. Of course, Forex education can be found everywhere online but the best scenario is to find a broker who is willing to pass the knowledge onto you and help you improve trading skills. That’s why we feel a need to dedicate a separate part of each review to the education center and inspect every part of it.

In this specific case, you will find a separate part for education in the main menu. It’s divided into different parts — eBooks, glossary, and asset index. All of them are equally important but today we will put our focus on eBooks.

Each visitor who wants to learn something can access this segment. Here, you will find different articles that cover topics such as trading strategies, capital management, CFDs, and many more. Keep in mind that all those things we just mentioned are completely free. Anyone can access them and spend some time on the website reading. But if you are a registered user, you can expect a completely different assortment. Based on your current education level, you will receive access to webinars, events, private analyst sessions, etc. Overall, this is more than we could ask for and it’s a perfect start for the rest of the review.



From a modern broker, such as Golden Gate, we expect nothing but state-of-art technology. It’s not hard to provide perfect trading solutions if someone puts extra effort and that’s why we wanted to see if this broker is willing to do that.

For starters, let’s just say what we expect from a trading platform. It needs to be responsive and optimized. Also, it would be great if we find something unique that will set it apart from the competition, but that’s not an absolute must. Last, but not least, we seek a simple design and a variety of trading tools that can be helpful to both beginners and professional traders. So, are you ready to find out if Golden Gates provides something from this list? We are, definitely.

The platform is web-based, and you do not have to install anything. This is an excellent start because it saves time. Each time you want to visit the platform, simply go to the broker’s website and that’s it. The first surprise we had is the design. This is a custom-made platform and you won’t see it on other websites. We won’t bother you with the design, you can see it’s simple, but we can tell you it’s fully customizable. If there is something you dislike, there is an option to change it. Chart interval, chart type, list of assets (you can sort it by the name, daily change, or trend), indicators, etc. We are talking about a user-friendly platform that can be adjusted according to client’s personal preferences.

But is it suitable for someone who is just stepping into the Forex world? Absolutely. Although we have quite an experience, this was the first time we visited Golden Gate’s trading platform, and let us tell you something, the experience was nothing but positive. We managed to find everything within minutes and actually we spent the majority of our time customizing it. Not only is it good for trading, but it’s interesting, too and that’s the perfect combination we were looking for.



If you run into any difficulties, our first suggestion would be the Frequently Asked Questions Page. Here, you will find answers to some of the most important questions about account, funding, and trading in general. It saves a lot of time and it can be very helpful, especially if you need an instant answer and you do not want to contact anyone.

If, on the other hand, you have a problem that’s not on the list and you require customer representative assistance, there are four contact methods. As usual, you can send an email. For most people this is the easiest option but if you are not one of them simply dial the phone number and talk to someone in person. Also, Live Chat an online form comes as an option, and from our experience, it doesn’t matter how you will contact them, either way, someone will provide you with an answer.

This Golden Gate review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t send our questions to see how responsive they are. We usually go with Live Chat, but this time online form seemed like a good option. It’s very convenient and you can send a message in just a few steps. Once you typed your question, choose the right department and send it.

About an hour after that, a notification came, and we had a message in our inbox. It was a detailed answer that contained every single detail about the account type we were curious about. After an experience like this, we can only say this broker does everything to provide excellent service to its clients.


Funding methods and processing time make an important part of the Forex market world. Apparently, Golden Gate knows that so people who created this broker ensured to stay on the top. Each client can use one of the multiple methods this broker offers. It’s on you to decide if you want to go with a Credit Card, Bank Wire or eWallet. As usual, you will have to use the same method for withdrawals, but that’s the only requirement.

Before we continue with the processing time, there is one thing that needs to be mentioned. There are no deposit fees, which is excellent. Withdrawals do come with a commission, but we were surprised to see it’s such a low percent. Also, this broker included all safety measurements (SSL and Identity Verification, for example) and there is no need to worry about funds. They are safe and protected.

When it comes to processing time, that depends on the account. Before you become a client, you will have all the important information, and one of that information is prioritized withdrawal time. With the smallest account, you have to wait from seven to ten business days, while some bigger accounts have a withdrawal that’s processed within a day. Transparency is one of the most important things and we are happy to see that Golden Gate doesn’t hide anything from potential clients.



What makes Golden Gate different from the rest is a fact that this broker managed to create a very stable platform, liked by many traders. The simplicity of the platform makes the whole trading process much faster, better, and on another level, and that’s something people love to see. Aside from that, each client can count on responsive customer support, so we can only say that Golden Gate created one role model for every other Forex broker that wants to be number one on the list.

That said, Golden Gate deserves our recommendations and if you are considering opening an account here, we believe you won’t regret the decision.