GeniusIG: Everything You Need to Know about This Broker


One of the most important things in trading is to find someone who will provide you with the best experience. That’s not an easy task and that’s exactly why we are writing this Genius Investment Group review.

This is a broker that offers very fast order execution, excellent customer support and tight spreads. So, by the claims, it should give you extraordinary service and raise your trading experience to another level.

From what we can see, security is on the highest levels here. All important safety steps are included, there is a valid SSL certificate and your money and personal data are safe and well-protected. Overall, the first impression is excellent, and we hope it will remain the same throughout the rest of this review. If it does, we found one broker that deserves your time and trust.



If you realise that Genius Investment Group is the best choice for you, the first step would be to open an account. Here, you will be able to choose between six different options and the most noticeable difference is the minimum deposit requirement.

There is an account named Amateur, and as the name itself says, this is the account with the lowest deposit requirement — just $250. Here, you will receive webinars and seminars, financial market introduction, daily market review and personal manager.

The next account (Silver), has the minimum deposit requirement of $5,000, while with the Gold on it is $10,000. Finally, we have Marble, Diamond and Platinum accounts. One has a requirement of $25,000 and another one has $50,000 and the highest (Platinum) has $100,000. 

We won’t lie, the selection of accounts surprised us because we didn’t expect to see six of them. Of course, this surprise was more than positive, and we are glad to see that Genius Investment Group takes good care of its clients.



From a broker like this, it’s hard to expect anything but an excellent education centre. As a registered user, you will be able to enjoy different seminars and webinars, but you will also get eBooks that you can read at any time and on every device.

This is a great thing because, with this broker, you will be able to improve your skills and gain new knowledge every day.


Why don’t we move to the trading platform? After all, that is a place where you will be spending the most of your time and the service in this segment needs to be impeccable. The trading platform this broker offers is most certainly unique.

Genius Investment Group implemented a web-based platform and that will save you some time since you do not have to download anything. Simply open the browser on the computer or mobile phone (it works just fine on every device) and you can start your trading journey. The optimisation was our main concern as soon as we saw that the platform is web-based, but as it turns out, this broker managed to create an excellent solution that will work without interruptions.

We have to reflect on the design a little bit, although that’s a personal preference. But we cannot skip the fact that they created a minimal design without making it overwhelmed with too many details.

As soon as you open that page, you will see three parts. The first one has important buttons that will help you with account management so that you don’t have to leave the page. For example, deposit or withdrawal, positions and closed positions, account statements, etc. The middle part is where the asset list is located and here you can choose the asset class (indices, stocks, forex, crypto, commodities) and you can arrange them according to daily change, name or trending.

Lastly, the biggest part of the screen is reserved for the chart that contains every single detail about the asset you chose. Label, chart interval, indicators, everything is here. If you wish, you can customise it and change every segment to make it suitable for you. Apparently, this trading platform is completely user friendly because you can adapt it as you wish.

The first part of this Genius Investment Group review went great and to be honest, our expectations are even higher now. Since this broker showed excellent service, we expect to see nothing but knowledgeable support. So, let’s see if that’s what we are going to get.



If you have any questions, you can address them to Genius Investment Group using one out of four different options. So, depending on your preferences, you can use email, phone lines, online form or Live Chat. Working hours are not constant, but the support is there for you from Monday to Friday and if you ask us, that’s more than enough.

As usual, we won’t talk about the support without testing it first. For that purpose, we used email just to see if we will receive an answer on the same day. Of course, we waited until the working hours began and we sent our question. Within an hour, our phone rang, and a notification came. So, responsiveness indeed is one of the things they can be proud of.

Since our question was about accounts and registration, we received a detailed message and a very good guide that helped a lot. Our only conclusion is that Genius Investment Group knows how to treat clients with respect and if you have any concerns, someone will be there to guide you and help you solve the problem.


If there is one thing we appreciate the most, it’s the transparency this broker has. Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy is visible to everyone and you can see it before you decide to open an account. Every detail about deposits, withdrawals or fees is listed so there won’t be any negative surprises.

As expected, deposits are instant, and you can use credit card payment, a bank transfer or a virtual currency transfer. So, we have no complaints about this part. Things are different with withdrawals, however, and you will have to wait some time. To prevent any possible fraud, Genius Investment Group implemented Identity Verification and you will have to send some documents before each withdrawal is approved. Our advice is to prepare those documents in advance since that will make the whole process faster.

Once that is approved, you will have to wait from seven to ten business days (depending on the account). Some accounts have instant withdrawals, but if you choose the smallest ones, waiting is inevitable. Overall, even with the smallest account waiting period is not that long, which is excellent.

Another thing that gained our attention is the fees. This broker keeps them reasonable and traders do not have to pay insane amounts for transactions. For example, the withdrawal fee is just 1% (with a minimum of 30 USD/GBP/EUR and a maximum of 300 USD/GBP/EUR).



Well, things couldn’t be clearer than this. It’s evident that we have a nice experience with Genius Investment Group, and we can recommend it. Security is on the top level, each client will get an impressive amount of educational material and the support will guide you through every issue that you may have.

So, if you are still thinking if you should open an account at Genius Investment Group or not, our advice is to do so. Here, you will have everything that you need for a perfect trading journey and you will never do it alone since this broker provides a dedicated account manager to its clients.

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