FXVC.EU- Review

FXVC stands for a long-lasting tradition in the online trading business. It is a platform with some significant features, which pop up as soon as you hear the name. At the very first thought is the logo itself – which combines the colors green and blue for their signature trademark. These colors are set to lighten your mood while resting your eyes and relaxing your whole body so you can focus on what’s in front of you – your trading journey.

This FXVC review will cover some of the most distinctive features and options truthfully, so you can make your own decision when choosing the perfect brokerage for your trading dreams. FXVC platform has years of experience in connecting clients with several markets – from stocks and indices to Forex. This way, you can trade over 300 currencies, cryptos and commodities with just a few clicks. The platform was pretty much ahead of its time, early on adjusting its format to both desktop and mobile devices, for even easier use.

History of FXVC

FXVC was founded back in 2014 with one common goal – gaining loyalty and trust of the traders from around the world. FXVC aims to be inclusive above anything else – whether you are a trading pro or a newcomer in the alluring world of trading, the FXVC will communicate with you in a way that you will feel appreciated and respected.

With trust and loyalty comes safety, which is especially important in today’s fast-paced online world. Knowing your information is safe at all times is imperative – that’s why FXVC uses top-level technologies in order to ensure the safety of all your information. With the new and advanced principles and policies, not even the FXVC itself can use your information without your explicit permission. Their service providing is completely transparent, so you can see and learn who are you putting your trust in.


Regulation and Reliability

One other important feature when it comes to online trading is regulation. FXVC is regulated with the license of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, which is one of the most reputable licensing in the trading world. Their licensing information is listed clearly in the “About Us” section of the FXVC website, so you can check for yourself and make sure everything is in order. This type of licensing is highly-strict and they create harsh enforcement of the rules and regulations in the industry. Very few trading platforms can pride themselves with owning this license, and FXVC is one of them.


What does that mean? Well, the broker itself, FXVC in this case, doesn’t have an option except for following those regulations and doing their clients right from start to finish. If not, they will be hit with a huge fine, which will do irreparable damage to their name. Aside from the highly qualified team at CySEC, another important part that contributes to the FXVC reliability is its own staff, which ensures each individual needs of a client are met. If you ever need any type of assistance, you can easily reach them through many channels including phone, e-mail, and their P.O. Box.

How can you make sure that a certain platform is still reliable, aside from a few big words and licensing information? Well, you can do your own research, just as you do by reading these lines. One of the best proofs of someone’s reliability is the experiences themselves. With FXVC, it is quite easy to find that their reputation is long-standing and impeccable. FXVC takes pride in engaging with their clients regularly, listening to their advice and demands for improvement. As a result, you have a platform that is constantly evolving and changing for the better, encouraging you as a client to do the same.


Trading Platform

FXVC has high-quality software which is impossible to corrupt, which is quite important when it comes to online trading. After all, there is a lot of money at stake, so safety is a must. In addition, FXVC uses its own proprietary trading platform, which adds its own unique qualities to the already established patterns. The user interface is quite simple and friendly – there are no flashing ads or signs that will derail you from your goal and cloud your judgment. With FXVC, what you see is always what you get.

It is quite simple to get your way around, even if this is your first ever experience with a trading platform of any kind. When you click on the section marked, appropriately – “Trading Platform”, you will encounter several sub-sections including stocks, indices, currencies, and cryptos. By clicking through each one you will be able to check out the tables that show you how that certain market is performing in real-time. And if the numbers and lines are too confusing and you are a more visual type – FXVC has a solution for that, too!

On the right side of the page, you will see a chart that basically shows you the same thing. It also color-coordinates the lines based on the certain asset rising on dropping on the market. These trading indicators are quite important when you’re trying to make a trading game plan and FXVC aims to make that go as smooth as possible.



Aside from the handy charts, FXVC offers a whole other variety of trading tools and options. From educational e-books to analysis and technical indicators, we are certain you will be able to find the educational tool that will satisfy your specific trading needs. Since the market is constantly improving, the only logical move would be for you to the same, right? And with FXVC, you can do that alongside one of the hardest-working brokerages in the world.

In addition, with the fast changes going on in the world, it is also useful for you to be updated with current events. It may seem at first like they don’t have any relation to trading. Still, that couldn’t be further from the truth! For example, every geopolitical event affects the economy of the countries involved. And by that correlation, it will automatically affect the respective currencies of those countries. Of course, that includes the assets that are being traded from and to a certain country.

This shows how the inside features of the trading worlds are connecting. Since one affects the other, FXVC aims to put that complexity into one clear and detailed image.


Mobile Trading

We already mentioned FXVC proprietary software, which is designed specifically to be adapted to different types of devices. Whether you’re using your laptop, desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone, you will be able to access everything that FXVC has to offer.

The format of the platform is easy to access and read on any device. There is no need to zoom in on anything or wait for it to load too long. The interface will be able to accommodate to any version and length of the screen. All you need to do is type the name on your browser and you will be good to go! As long as the market is open, you will be able to access all your favorite assets. Trade them as you please.


Account Types

FXVC acknowledges that every trader is different and special. That’s why it aims to create special packages of accounts for each one of the clients. This way, they can find the most suitable place for themselves inside the FXVC family. FXVC has created 5 specific types of accounts, which are quite diverse and unique. They also depend on the amount of your deposit. As you put more funds into your account, you can move up the ladder and progress to more exclusive account packages.


The basic type of account is the most common one. You can acquire it after making a minimum of $500 deposit. You will have access to the FXVC trading platform, of course, but also the analysis research.


The silver account type is available to you after a $5000 deposit. It gives you access to a variety of educational tools. From e-books to tutorials and charts, you name it. You can also contact your personal client-relationship agent. In addition, you can receive regular e-mail updates and reviews, so you never miss a thing.


The gold account type is one step above the silver. That means it includes all the special features we listed above, with one important addition. Those are the SMS announcements and notifications on your phone.


With the combination of the silver and gold type of account, you can also trade with lower spreads. In addition, you have access to the educational courses which will help you advance your trading knowledge even further.


Finally, the highest of them all is the VIP account type. With VIP, you can do practically anything. By accessing all the rich and exciting features of the FXVC platform, you can have contact with the support team. You can also watch the market performance in real-time without a hitch.



In the end, there is just so much we can show you through our FXVC review. We hope we gave you an informative insight into one of the most reputable platforms in the world. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself!


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