Cryptme review


Cryptme is a unique place for cryptocurrency exchange, and it is definitely unlike anything else we’ve ever seen. First, this company is basing all its operations on the values of inclusivity and being welcoming. In other words, everyone is invited to trade with them, regardless of the education, background, trading proficiency, or goals that they wish to achieve on their trading journey.

What makes Cryptme so special in the crowd of other exchange companies? Well first, it is important to note that there are not a lot of companies like this in the area of digital currency exchange. Since this part of the market is not yet fully researched or regulated, the majority of the companies on it are not able to satisfy the demands or the wishes of the clients who are indulging in this type of trading. It should also be noted that the crypto exchange industry is one of the most successful ones to date, and the companies that are providing services in this area have an astonishing revenue. That is definitely reflecting on the clients and their portfolios. This is just one of the many reasons that the clients are turning to crypto exchange as the most beneficial way to acquire profits and learn new things about this exciting area of investing.

In this Cryptme review, we will show you the benefits of trading with this company, as well as why is it important to find the perfect one before you put your trust and your money into them.



The great thing about trading cryptocurrencies is the fact that there are no different account types that you can choose from before you begin. This may seem like a downside at first. However, when you really think about it, you can only prosper this way. Since there aren’t different account packages or requirements that you will need to chase before you are eligible to make a move on the market. Rather, you are starting out like everyone else, and there are no advantages that are different from one person to the next one. Each client is equal to the next one, and there is no confusion or competition such as with other markets.

The account creation is quite simple – it is like creating a social media profile. First, you will need to input your basic information such as name, address and country of residence. This is quite important since each country has different laws and regulations for the area of cryptocurrency exchange. The next step is the verification of your account. You can do so by simply clicking on the link in your inbox, and you will be good to go for your trading journey. Just remember to keep your password hidden from everyone else, so you are protected at all times! Cryptme will take care of the rest.



When it comes to education, this part of the Cryptme website is quite rich and regularly updated. This is only necessary, considering that the crypto exchange industry is always changing and improving. A lot of companies tend to disregard this, leaving these sections empty or only with a few articles that are several years old. Instead, Cryptme had a different idea.

The creators have implemented several tabs within this section, each containing different types of educational tools that you can learn a lot from. The first one contains the basics about the crypto exchange, the market, and its main features. Then, there are separate articles about the digital coins that you can trade here, Bitcoin and Ethereum being the main ones. As for Bitcoin, it is the most popular digital currency in the world. It is also independent and safe since it is based on blockchain technology. This type of technology is impossible to crack, which makes it secure for you and your funds. As for Ethereum, this type of digital currency is actually used to power the entire Ether platform, not only as a payment method. As you can learn from this section, there are many uses to digital currencies, not only as banking options.

Within this section, you can also find the latest news and updates from the world of crypto exchange. These are quite necessary since they can help you create a suitable and winning trading strategy.


Let’s get to the good part, shall we? The trading platform is the number one thing that the majority of the clients are interested in before they make a decision about a company and for a very good reason. After all, this is the part of the website that you will visit most often, so it should be up to your standards, right?

And what does a successful and functioning platform has to have? The very first thing that comes to mind is an appealing and no-clutter outlook. The Cryptme platform is exactly that – it contains necessary and valuable information without which you won’t be able to trade. Then, the platform is also customizable for any device and operating system, which is imperative in this day and age. Overall, the platform loads perfectly and without any delays, which is necessary for a successful trading day.

What can you find on it? Well, Cryptme has provided one of the widest selections of tradeable assets. Despite the fact that this company is mainly focused on digital currencies – the number is still much larger than the companies that provide a variety of assets, from stocks to currency pairs. Here, however, you can trade over 200 cryptocurrencies in total.



The customer support team at Cryptme is a breath of fresh air when it comes to this section, especially compared to the majority of other companies. Namely, Cryptme is one of the few that are able to provide such a wide variety of communication channels for the clients to get in touch whenever they need to.

First, there is the obvious live chat option, which is available directly on the home page. Here, you can get connected with an agent the fastest – in just a few seconds, sometimes. Then, you can send them an e-mail, to which they will usually reply within 24 hours. Also, there is the telephone number option available, which you can use 24/7, no matter which time zone you are in. It is evident that the company has put a lot of effort into this section, and we applaud them for it.

In the end, you can also check the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about the facts that many clients before stumbled upon, not to mention the key new things that you might not have known before. Also, Cryptme is present on the social media pages too, so you can contact them there. We’ve noticed that they regularly respond to comments and questions from the users, which is another great thing to have.



Lastly, we should mention the funding options at this company. While the deposits are instant, the withdrawals could take longer to be processed. Though this may seem like a hassle, just keep in mind that it is for your protection. The Cryptme team uses this time to verify your information, as well as double-check to make that the entire process is safe. As a result, you will receive your funds in the shortest amount of time possible.


The big part of this section is the KYC policy. This policy is implemented by companies across the globe, and not just in the area of crypto exchange. The KYC policy stands for Know Your Customer, and it is an additional level of safety for your information and funds. According to this policy, the company is able to request from you additional information and documentation that can prove your identity. This way, the withdrawal process is layered with another part of security, which is always a good idea. Also, another great thing about this is that you can always safely know that your funds are taken care of, regardless of your wishes to make an additional deposit, or rather withdrawal to treat yourself with something nice.


Based on what we’ve seen, we can safely recommend the Cryptme trading platform for all your crypto exchange needs. This company is one of the rare ones that has everything, from a wide variety of assets to funding methods and an astounding customer support team. It is rare to find a company that checks all our boxes, and Cryptme is definitely one of them.

The company is evidently a leader in the area of crypto exchange services, and they are only getting started. Though the company is fairly new on the market, they were able to already gather a solid group of trusted clients, and that is not an easy thing to do. We hope that this Cryptme review has shown you both sides of the coin when it comes to this company.