Carter Williams: Your Perfect Choice for Trading

Choosing a Forex broker that knows how to respect its clients is of the utmost importance. If you want to trade with peace of mind, you need to find a reputable company that has clear and transparent conditions. The last thing you want is to deposit money and find out there are some hidden fees that you are obligated to pay. So, when you decide to find a suitable broker, don’t do that overnight. Instead, read all reviews, inspect every segment of someone’s business, and see whether that fits your trading goals or not.

Today, we will talk about one broker with very transparent conditions. That’s the first thing that made Carter Williams attractive to us and in this review, we will discuss other things as well, because this is a broker that deserves your time. We believe you can gain a lot if you open an account and begin your trading journey here.


Carter Williams is an online Forex broker that offers its customers access to Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, and Currencies. Its name is widely spread and if you are in the Forex market long enough, we are certain that you heard of it. One of the many things that contributed to its popularity is a client-oriented way of business. At this broker, you will find excellent leverage, spreads, a customisable platform, and many other things that make the trading experience much more pleasant and faster.

But what does Carter Williams claim to provide? This broker can give you more ways to become the best possible trader. At least that’s what’s written on the website, but we will check everything to see whether you can really make smarter decisions, faster execution, and trade with the highest safety measurements.



As we already told, Carter Williams promises to its clients to become the best traders. That’s why it offers different account types that are created for every level of experience. Each of these accounts has some special offer. The smallest one has the minimum deposit requirement that can satisfy people who are just starting their Forex journey. Within that account, you will get market reviews and excellent leverage, but that’s it.

If you want more, there is an option to choose other accounts with dedicated senior account managers, webinars, private analyst sessions, but if you go with an account like this, be prepared to deposit more. So, each person has an option which is excellent.


Education is a powerful tool that provides traders with new knowledge, techniques, and skills. It expands our vision and develops new ideas. Without it, we can barely make any success in the Forex world and that’s why it is important to find a broker who will shower you with educational articles each day.

Carter Williams is that kind of a broker. The Education Center is located in the main menu and it’s divided into different categories. You will be able to find eBooks, Glossary, Asset Index, Frequently Asked Questions, CFD Traders, and CFD Instruments. So, it’s a full package and all of this is free.

As a website visitor, you will be able to enjoy all those eBooks that cover topics such as advanced strategies, basic trading tips, CFD explanations, etc. This part is very useful to both beginners and professionals and if you have some time, we advise you to read every single eBook this broker provided because it can mean a lot in the future.

Aside from those eBooks, you will find an Asset Index that contains all information about the stocks you can trade. If you want to know more about Apple, for example, this should be your destination. Also, if any of those trading terms seems unfamiliar to you, visit the Glossary page and you will find a definition. Everything is concise and precise, so you won’t have a hard time understanding the meaning.

Lastly, we have to mention the Frequently Asked Questions. At first, this page might sound unnecessary, but trust us, you will find so many answers here and there is a possibility you won’t even need to contact support. All important questions are gathered together and that’s why this page should be your first stop once you visit the website.


Carter Williams offers a unique web-based platform that doesn’t require additional downloads. Simply visit the website and trade from there. This makes things much easier and faster and now we see that all those promises from the beginning are not just empty words.

The platform is divided into three categories and you can navigate through it without any problem. There is a menu where you can choose between Stocks, Indices, Crypto Pairs, Commodities, and Currencies and arrange them as you wish (daily change, popularity, alphabetically).

We spent quite some time on the platform and not a single error appeared. So, it works flawlessly and without any interruption. You can trade peacefully, knowing that your money is safe.



Support and assistance is one part that’s extremely important to us. Usually, there is no middle with it. We will either end up completely fascinated by the service or disappointed with the lack of responsiveness and knowledge. So far, Carter Williams ensured all parts of its business work flawlessly, so we truly hope that tradition will continue with customer support as well.

What do we even expect from customer support? Well, the first thing we want to see are numerous contact methods. There has to be a selection where each client can find something that feels comfortable to them. Some prefer phone calls, while others cannot stand to talk to unfamiliar people and prefer to use Live Chat. That’s why we need to see a decent selection.

Responsiveness is another thing that’s mandatory. We cannot rate customer support if they provide us with an answer after a few days. The last thing we want to see is knowledge. Each agent has to be educated enough to provide proper answers to every question we have about a specific trader. So, now that you know what we expect, we can tell you our experience with Carter Williams customer support.

Apparently, this broker fulfilled the first thing and provided four different methods. If you want to reach out to them, you can use the phone line, email option, Live Chat, or online form. This is a nice variety and we are excited to test one of those methods and see if we can receive an answer fast enough.

This time we decided to go with email. When we send a message using Live Chat, someone replies at the same moment, so we want to see how long they need to get in touch with us when we use different methods.

We sent an email in the morning and two hours later, a notification showed up. Someone replied to our email with detailed instructions and a full explanation. We asked something about account types, whether there is a custom-tailored option, and someone was polite enough to explain every single detail about accounts. Our concerns were gone, and Carter Williams proved its customer support is on a surprisingly high level.

We had a very pleasant experience and if you want to become a client, don’t hesitate to reach out to their support. If your question has something to do with trading or website navigation, someone will be there to give you all the explanations you could possibly need.


Carter Williams allows its clients to choose between Credit Cards, Bank Wire, and eWallet. There are no deposit fees and the only requirement is to withdraw money using the same method you used for withdrawal. Deposits are instant, which is great. As soon as you press the button, the money will be on your trading account and your journey can begin.

Things are a bit different with withdrawals and you will have to wait some time to receive money. Usually, the waiting period is seven to ten business days which is not a lot if we have in mind this broker implemented different security methods that slow down the whole process for a bit.

Overall, we are very satisfied with this part. Commissions are low, you don’t have to wait a long time and all of that combined makes this broker a perfect choice.



If you are still hesitating whether you should open an account or not, we can tell that Carter Williams passed all our tests and proved itself as an excellent and trustworthy broker. So, without any hesitation, we can tell this is a safe place for trading.