Best Way to Earn a Diploma in Forex Trading and Become a Pro

If you are a total newbie, let’s give you some insight into what exactly Forex trading is. FX or Foreign exchange is a liquid platform that has no central marketplace and where currencies are changed into another. It might sound familiar, especially if you ever travelled abroad and had to change currencies — however, in Forex, the value of one currency is determined by the other one that it’s being paired with. Of course, things are a bit more complex than this, and there are so many bits and pieces to figure out.

In today’s world, it’s impossible not to hear about the Forex market. Whether you know what it is all about or are already an experienced trader — the topic is inevitable. Fortunately, if you find yourself interested in the trading business, we recommend you try out the new Forex education platform that offers a wide variety of learning tools. We’re talking about Read on as we’re about to review this amazing learning platform that offers something for everybody.


Can You Learn Trading Online?

Considering the power of the internet and the fast exchange of information, it has become possible to learn anything and everything you put your mind to. That’s especially true for online Forex education since there is no need to physically be in a certain place in order to do business. That’s one of the reasons why learning platforms are becoming more and more popular nowadays. That said, after we’ve reviewed most of them, we can safely say how hard it is to find an all-inclusive one that offers the most thorough learning material.

On top of that, few educational websites actually include a variety of courses and a diploma rewarding and recognizing your hard work. Well, you guessed it — offers all of that and more! Not only you can choose from several courses, but there’s an option of checking your knowledge first and letting the platform decide on the level you’re on.

After you’ve finished the test, you can enroll in the course that’s the best fit for you. The range of learning materials is wide — from total basics for people who are just starting in the business, to skilled traders who want to perfect their knowledge and understanding of the market. As for the certificate, we’ll get to that later. So, what courses are there at Bitworms?


As mentioned earlier, if you are someone who’s just getting interested in Forex but have little to no knowledge of what’s it all about, the Starter course is perfect for you. It’s perfectly designed to ease you into the world of trading, stocks, investments, and exchange. What you’ll learn are the fundamentals of trading, getting 3 introduction courses, 1 eBook, and an insight into market news and live signals. The price for this basic package is 249 EUR.


For people who are not totally unfamiliar with Forex, but still need to widen their knowledge in order to become reputable traders, the Advanced course is the best choice. It’s not the most basic package, but still pretty understandable and easy to learn. For the price of 490 EUR, it includes everything there is in the Starter course, with a few additions. More eBooks, 2 advanced courses, and an economic calendar. Everything else is the same as in the first course.


And now for the most popular course at Bitworms — the Pro course. What’s appealing about this package is that it includes everything a seasoned trader should know. It’s not for the newbies, and it’s also not the most proficient course, providing the perfect amount of learning materials to make a skilled trader become even better. The cost of the Pro course is 890 EUR and it includes everything that you get in the previous courses, with 5 eBooks and trends added.


If you are a professional Forex broker who wants to learn all the secrets of the trade and get to the top of the game — we recommend you enroll in the Alpha course. It’s a highly proficient package that will allow you access to the most valuable trading tools and learning materials. On top of everything the other courses offer, you will also have an insight into the trading charts and daily analysis videos. Investing in this package at the price of 1050 EUR will help you become the best in the game.


Earn a Diploma and Become Legit

As we mentioned earlier, Bitworms offers a certificate for everyone who passes the courses successfully. They pride themselves on 138,503 given diplomas, allowing many people to have proof that they really possess all the trading skills and a unique approach to investing. You can be one of them if you start today — your future self will thank you!

Is a Scam?

We’ve carefully done our research before writing the impressions with the Bitworms review. This is a legit online trading education that will allow you to gain insight into the advanced trading tools while learning from a carefully developed dashboard. Learn on the go, and at your own pace, and watch your career skyrocket.

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