Are Blockchain smartphones the next big thing?

Our phones are always beside us. They are our most prized possessions, holding key data about our lives – our contacts, music and pictures, even our credit card information. In today’s day and age of supreme technology, it feels like everything is at our reach.

In just a few clicks we can pay our bills, check out a movie or get in touch with a friend. But with everything so out in the open, how can we protect the same information we are desperate to share at the same time?

Sirin Labs is a company that prides itself on providing the top-leading mobile cybersecurity. Based in Switzerland, Sirin Labs aims to give you security and efficiency wherever you are, and whenever you use your smartphone. For that purpose, they developed Finney – a blockchain smartphone with an embedded cold storage crypto wallet.

Sirin Labs connects the wide and hectic economy with a quality user experience. The smartphone operates on the ecosystem – an operating system that is completely secure by storing all the information on a blockchain, keeping them safe from misuse. The proprietary operating system gives its users an Android-like experience with enhanced security.

The system also includes a proprietary Token Conversion Services, which makes converting crypto coins and tokens easier than ever before. The Sirin Token is a utility token created especially for the purpose of making your navigation through the crypto world effortless. It currently consists of the Sirin OS, Finney smartphone and Sirin Decentralized Application Store. With the last addition, you can acquire any app of your liking within the Sirin world, without worrying about different privacy policies.

This system is based on an understanding of how crucial it is to keep your private information exactly that – private at all times unless you choose otherwise.

Finney’s blockchain smartphone is based on completely secured communication and a decentralized application ecosystem. With encrypted calls, e-mails, and SMS, all your contact with the outside world will be kept private between you and your correspondent. The end-to-end encryption protects your calls and messages, while your e-mails cannot be shared with third parties.

One of the most important distinctive features of the blockchain smartphone is the multi-layered cybersecurity suite.

It includes a special Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) which gives you cyber protection in real-time. This way, you are in full control of all your communication, payments and data sharing.

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