365 Trading FX: Pros and Cons

In recent years, the Forex market experienced incredible development. People saw an opportunity for additional profit and interest for new brokers raised. Nowadays, there are so many online Forex brokers that offer different trading conditions and promise to help you fulfil your dreams. We hate to be the one that will tell you, but most of those brokers have only one idea in mind — to take your money. That’s why it’s important to read every single review before you make a deposit. Once you find out about other people’s experience, you will be able to know whether that specific broker is trustworthy or not.

Our favourite thing is to look for brokers that seem honest and inspect every element of their business. On today’s menu, we have 365 Trading FX, a Forex broker with an innovative way of thinking.


If you are searching for a broker that can offer a variety of trading assets, 365 Trading FX is the right choice for you. It gives you an opportunity to choose between CFDs, Crypto Pairs, Commodities and Currencies and if you are not sure how to choose, you can always ask for their help.

Another thing you need to know about this broker is that it has a very responsive website. We were surprised to see how they implemented different things in the main menu and still kept the high quality and the speed.



It’s not hard to conclude that we got interested in 365 Trading FX just because we read all those interesting promises on the website. Well, the first promise is fulfilled. This broker will give you excellent trading opportunities, starting with different account types.

Depending on the level of experience you can choose the smallest one where you can deposit the bare minimum. Keep in mind this account won’t offer you so many things, but it’s excellent for a good start. If you go with it, you will get market reviews and excellent leverage.

For more experienced traders, there are other accounts where the initial deposit is significantly higher. In this case, you will get a dedicated senior account manager, prioritized withdrawal level, weekly webinars, tight spreads and access to VIP events.

As you can see, there are enough options for every person. No matter the experience or trading appetite you will be able to find something for yourself, and that’s something we like about 365 Trading FX. This broker doesn’t focus on professional traders only. On the contrary, everyone is welcome and treated with respect.


In most cases, education is connected to beginners. People believe that once they are familiar with the Forex market they can stop learning and start trading like professionals. Well, the reality is a bit different. It really doesn’t matter how much you already know. Forex is changing constantly, and you have to follow that change. So, education is a never-ending story that can help you reach your trading goals.

Needless to say, the first thing you want to do is find a broker that will prepare educational material and update it regularly. That’s why we always visit the Education Center when we are writing a review, to see how professional that broker is. In this case, there is a separate part of the main menu dedicated to learning. It contains Glossary and if you are not sure about some Forex terms, everything is nicely explained there. For example, you can learn in a few sentences what Gross Domestic Products or Margin Fall mean without even leaving the website.

Another part of the Education Center is the Frequently Asked Questions. This page will allow you to find quick answers to some of the most common questions without contacting customer support. If you are not sure about accounts or you want to know more details, chances are high it’s already explained here.

The last segment is our personal favourite. It’s the eBook section. There are so many articles and online books that you can read and learn things about CFDs, Crypto Pairs, Market Order. Also, if you are already familiar with the most basic things, Market Analysis, Advanced Strategies, Capital Management books are at your disposal. So, this is a very useful part that you shouldn’t skip.

Apparently, 365 Trading FX wants to make your trading experience excellent and they do it in a very good way. You can grow your trading portfolio with excellent conditions and gain new skills thanks to all those learning materials that are provided.


365 Trading FX claims to offer the platform with the largest list of assets in the industry. The software allows immediate execution and real-time market quotes, while the interface is designed with all those tools a trader could need.

Well, the first thing is definitely correct, since we all saw the list of tradable assets. You can choose between different categories and before you even open an account, there is an option to visit the platform and scroll through that list. So, everything is transparent and that’s not so common to see.

The platform itself has a user-friendly interface, numerous trading tools, market depth orders and it’s fully customisable. This is a web-based platform that saves a significant amount of time. There is no need to download apps and spend time on installation. You can use your mobile phone, tablet or computer to visit the website and go to the platform in just two clicks. Nowadays brokers seem to compete who will create the most complex and innovative platform and we started to appreciate simplicity, just like at this place.

This platform can be used by beginners but also by professionals too. This is a perfect balance that 365 Trading FX managed to create. There are different tools and the platform is completely customisable. You can change every segment of the chart, from interval to chart type. Everything is accessible and oriented to clients. Also, if you want to manage your trading account, there is no need to leave the platform. This is a big plus because you can contact support, make a deposit or request a withdrawal from one place in the left part of the screen.

Overall, if you are into a simple platform full of necessary details that work without interruption, this broker has to offer you a solution just like that.



So far, this broker showed how impeccable service looks like. So, we expect to see the same thing with customer support. As a contact method, you can choose Live Chat, email, online form and phone lines. Of course, with Live Chat, you can get the fastest reply, so if you have an urgent matter, we advise you to send a message there.

We had some questions about accounts and as usual, we sent a message on that chat. One of the agents welcomed us immediately and the best thing of all is the fact they do not use chatbots. You are talking to a real person and in our experience, they are very polite and know how to provide you with a proper answer. So, if there is something you want to ask and the answer is not in the FAQ page, don’t hesitate to contact the support. They are responsive and knowledgeable, which means that 365 Trading FX created a perfect team.


As a funding method, you can choose Credit Card, Bank Wire and eWallet. This is the perfect optimum that allows you the option to choose what suits you the most. There are no deposit fees, and as soon as you press the button, the money will be on your account.

Of course, withdrawals are different, and you have to wait for a little bit to see money on the bank account. The whole process won’t take you a lot of time. You just need to pick the desired method and the amount and prepare documents for verification. That’s it.

Usually, the whole process lasts from seven to ten business days, but that depends on the account. Some of them have prioritized withdrawal level which means you will receive money much faster. But even if you do not have prioritization, ten business days is an excellent period especially if we take into account this broker pays a lot of attention to security procedures.



When we summarize all those things we mentioned today, 365 Trading FX is a perfect choice that will protect your money and ensure safe trading. Our experience is nothing but positive and if you are looking to add a new broker into your trading portfolio, this one is an excellent start.