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How Forex Traders Make Money?

Forex trading is one of the most popular online investment opportunities. Learn what strategies can help you earn more profits from currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities.

Foreign exchange (FX or Forex) trading is a relatively recent way to make money from investing online. Unlike exchange-based methods such as stock and commodity trading, Forex involve taking advantage of the constantly changing prices for hundreds of currency pairs. To make a profit, you try to sell a pair at a price that is higher than what you paid to buy it. While this may seem simple, we’d like to explore a few easily learned techniques which can help you improve your results.

Trading Calendar

The most important way to maximize how much money you can make from Forex is to keep track of the trading calendar. FX pairs are basically a way to balance the performance of one country or region’s economy against that of another regional economy. This means that currency prices are tied to economic reports that are issued by governments on a consistent basis.

Many brokers provide access to a calendar that can be used to filter upcoming reports that are expected to have an impact on a specific currency. Some Account Managers will also send out signals which will alert you to upcoming events. Make a note of these reports. You can then prepare your account so that you are ready to place appropriate orders as soon as you have decided how the market will react.

Automated Trading

This can be made easier by creating rules that will trigger order activity when certain conditions are met. Software, such as the popular Metatrader 4 (MT4) can now be used to place trades automatically based on customized rules you select in advance. You can also create entry and exit points for orders to reduce your losses or lock in profits. This will allow you to make the most of every market move, even if it occurs when you are not available to trade manually. Automated trading can also take some of the emotion out of trading, which is a common cause of reduced profitability.

Trader Psychology

So, of course our last piece of advice is to take the emotion out of trading! No one is perfect. The markets are unpredictable in their nature, so one unsuccessful trade is not a personal failure. Numerous studies have shown that the majority of trades are made in the right direction. For example, you buy the EUR/USD and the price subsequently goes up.

Where novice investors, and unfortunately sometimes even professionals, mess up is that they stay in bad trades too long, and leave good trades too early. Decide in advance how much of your equity you are willing to risk on a single trade. Once you have lost that amount, close the trade and start over with something new. A good rule of thumb is to limit risk on any one trade to one percent or less of your account balance. Additionally, create Take Profit settings so that you can keep profitable orders open for as long as possible.

Adding these three techniques to your repertoire will help you graduate from a beginner to a star Forex trader. After you have mastered these skills, you can add more advanced techniques which will allow you to climb to the top of the FX investor ranks.  If you are interested in more tips about how to enhance your trading outcomes, we recommend speaking with an Account Manager from YorkCG. For more information on opening a Forex account, make sure to visit our web page.

How Do Forex Brokers Make Money?

Many people are investigating the potential of CFDs as a way to earn money. One of the best advantages of Forex trading is that it allows you to avoid the high commission fees charged by agents who work with traditional stocks and commodities. However, most investors will still need the services of a reputable broker who can supply a connection with the liquidity providers who offer currency pair pricing. Traders are often curious about how these brokers profit from the order process. Let’s go over what to expect when working with a company like YorkCG

First, let’s review how currency pair orders are created. Investors choose two currencies, and then decide which one of the two is most likely to go up, and which one is likely to go down. To open a trade, the investor buys lots (generally between 1,000 and 100,000 units) of the currency that he believes will be more successful. To close the trade, the investor must eventually sell the same number of lots of that currency. However, when a trade is opened there is always a difference between the buy price of a currency and its selling price. That difference is called “the spread”.

The spread exists because the selling price of a currency at any given time is usually lower than the buying price. This means that you need to have the currency move more than that difference before you see any profits from that order. The most common way for brokers to make money is through the spread. There are two main types of trading models that brokers choose: straight-through processing and the dealing desk. Let’s look at how both options can affect traders.

With straight-through processing (STP), the brokerage simply finds currency pairs to buy and sell, and gives the rates that they find to the trader. They charge a small fee for the service of finding prices. On the other hand, dealing desk brokers, or market makers, match buyers and sellers, or function as a seller directly. Dealing desk brokers typically earn a small amount from each client that they match, and the can also make money from the spread.

While it may seem that STP trading would lead to lower spreads, the broker needs to make money somehow. This can sometimes mean that liquidity providers with higher prices might pay them a bonus to bump up their ranking. This type of company also does not offer flexibility during periods of high volatility. This can weaken risk management strategies such as stop/loss orders, which rely on a set price being available in order to go into effect. Traders have suffered large losses when STP brokers have been unable to provide necessary liquidity.

On the contrary, market makers can use low spreads as a way to entice more buyers into the market, which they can use to match against their existing pool of sellers, in the hopes that they will make more money overall from a higher trading volume. With this type of model, it is much easier for a trader to find currency pairs at whatever price they desire.

Currency pairs are one of the best ways to profit from the relative performance of global economies. Now is the perfect time to start trading on a respected CFD platform such as that provided by YorkCG. For more information on Forex trading, make sure to visit our web page.




Can Forex Trading Make You Money?

While Forex is a high-risk investment, there are certain steps that can lead to better performance over the long run. Learn how to trade for the best chance at making a profit.

Forex trading involves buying and selling currency pairs online. The development of software which allows investors to place orders from home whenever the market is open has led to a boom in the number of people asking can Forex trading make you money. Because currency speculation has a lot of volatility, investors should always be careful not to put too much of their net worth into opening new positions. However, there are certain guidelines which successful traders adhere to which can keep you from facing unnecessary risk.

Don’t Confuse Win Rates with Profitability

When you close each trade, either manually or by using a program working according to parameters you set, you need to factor in not only if you have chosen the right asset and direction, but how much you can expect to make off that order. You can lose money even if most of the positions you open are “winners”, if the trades you get wrong lose more money than you earn with the trades you get right.

The easiest way to keep losses from wiping out previous earnings is to set a maximum deficit amount for each trade as you open them. This is done with a stop-loss order, which automatically closes the position if it goes negative over a certain point, which you select. The best part about stop-loss orders is that it takes the emotion out of trading. People tend to wait to long to get out of a losing position because it hurts to admit that you were wrong. Just remember, no one has a 100 percent success rate.

Watch Your Leverage

One of the advantages of working with currency pairs is that you can trade on margin. This means you only need to put up a fraction of the true value of an order when you open it. However, this can also be a problem, since it also increases the amount you owe if your position goes against you. Many traders limit their leverage amounts to 20:1 or less. With a 20:1 margin, you can control $200,000 in trades with $10,000 in account equity.  But if your order falls by 100 pips, you lose $2000.

Let’s compare this to trading on 200:1 margin, which is offered by many brokers. With the higher level of leverage, you can control $2,000,000 in trades with the same equity, but that 100-pip loss could cost you $20,000. Which means you might have to find an additional $10,000 just to bring your account back up to zero. Can you absorb that kind of risk?


Appropriate risk management is one of the most important parts of FX investing. By following a few simple rules, you can reduce the impact of some common ways in which currency traders lose money, although you will never be able to completely avoid the consequences of participating in a highly volatile market. If you would like to learn more about trading smarter, make sure to visit our web page.

The Basics of Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is basically your best friend on the market – it studies all your investment opportunities for you. It takes a lot of the pressure off by covering the lesser known and obvious trading features. What technical analysis studies are the trends on the market, trying to predict which direction they will go.


The main focus of this type of analysis are the price patterns. These patterns are quite useful since they serve as signals to whether the trend will go in a certain direction, or rather stay the same.


Since it focuses mainly on trends, you should know what the most common ones are. Depending on the current state of the market, they can be downward or upward. Both could go to your advantage, depending on what your goal on the market is. So study them carefully in order to apply them in the most suitable way for you.


Technical analysis can be used on many securities, from commodities to futures and currencies. It’s a unique trading discipline which you can apply to most trading cases, which is the basis of its appeal.


It was first introduced by Charles Dow in the late 1800s. Today, it has evolved so much that it contains a lot more methods and principles, depending on your trading goals. It is based on two of the most important statements:


  1. markets are the strongest factors contributing to the price of an asset
  2. market price movements are not random, rather they move in patterns.


Since it focuses on the patterns, technical analysis overtime developed another important principle – history repeats itself. In other words, price patterns and movements contribute to the formation of a certain trading psychology. This way, you can rely on the results of the analysis more than you would on your own predictions and expectations.

Will Binance return to the US?

After top-leading crypto exchange Binance announced it will go legit back in June one of the first steps was to cut ties with the US. The platform soon announced it will implement restrictions for US passport holders worldwide, as well as those who are US-based.

Binance grew to become one of the biggest names in the crypto world by allowing everyone to trade myriad tokens. Many of those are unavailable or limited on other exchanges, so Binance was the welcoming place for all who wished to go beyond the existing limits. During the past year, the platform decided to formalize its services and strengthen its place on the market. For that reason, Binance established its bases in the UK, Uganda, and Singapore.

However, they did announce a plan to create a special platform accustomed to the needs and the characteristics of the US market. For that purpose, Binance is teaming up with BAM Trading Services. For the time being, the US customers still won’t be able to sign up for the global Binance service. As for the existing US users, they were granted a 90-day grace period, after which they will be unable to deposit funds or make trades on the website. Still, US users could access the platform with a VPN. In addition, Binance allows its customers to sign up for a limited account without a KYC – which does not require providing verification documents, such as a passport copy. This way, they can access the platform no matter which country they are based in, but with a twist – they can only withdraw 2 Bitcoins a day.

The latest scoop is that will launch in the next couple of weeks. This deadline aligns with a rough date the grace period for the existing US users will come to an end. And if the deadlines are met, the clients shouldn’t have any problems or feel a difference in their everyday trading, since things will keep running smoothly. Also, KYC onboarding is expected to start a few days earlier, allowing users extra time to verify their accounts and make deposits.

The venture comes as a great relief to many valued clients based in the US. When Binance initially became unavailable to them back at the beginning of September, they lost many trading options for crypto assets. Also, there are plans for launching a decentralized exchange with the addition of new features such as margin trading.


Are Blockchain smartphones the next big thing?

Our phones are always beside us. They are our most prized possessions, holding key data about our lives – our contacts, music and pictures, even our credit card information. In today’s day and age of supreme technology, it feels like everything is at our reach. In just a few clicks we can pay our bills, check out a movie or get in touch with a friend. But with everything so out in the open, how can we protect the same information we are desperate to share at the same time?

Sirin Labs is a company that prides itself on providing the top-leading mobile cybersecurity. Based in Switzerland, Sirin Labs aims to give you security and efficiency wherever you are, and whenever you use your smartphone. For that purpose, they developed Finney – a blockchain smartphone with an embedded cold storage crypto wallet. Sirin Labs connects the wide and hectic economy with a quality user experience. The smartphone operates on the ecosystem – an operating system that is completely secure by storing all the information on a blockchain, keeping them safe from misuse. The proprietary operating system gives its users an Android-like experience with enhanced security.

The system also includes a proprietary Token Conversion Services, which makes converting crypto coins and tokens easier than ever before. The Sirin Token is a utility token created especially for the purpose of making your navigation through the crypto world effortless. It currently consists of the Sirin OS, Finney smartphone and Sirin Decentralized Application Store. With the last addition, you can acquire any app of your liking within the Sirin world, without worrying about different privacy policies. This system is based on an understanding of how crucial it is to keep your private information exactly that – private at all times unless you choose otherwise.

Finney’s blockchain smartphone is based on completely secured communication and a decentralized application ecosystem. With encrypted calls, e-mails, and SMS, all your contact with the outside world will be kept private between you and your correspondent. The end-to-end encryption protects your calls and messages, while your e-mails cannot be shared with third parties.

One of the most important distinctive features of the blockchain smartphone is the multi-layered cybersecurity suite. It includes a special Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) which gives you cyber protection in real-time. This way, you are in full control of all your communication, payments and data sharing.

Trade War’s impact on the US wallets

As promised, another set of tariffs on Chinese goods went into action on September 1. Over $112 billion of goods imported from China meant booming prices of clothing, shoes and other consumer goods arriving in US ports. Initially, over 82% of inputs were immediately affected by the tariffs, while the Peterson Institute for International Economics expects an overall effect on 99% until December 15.

The current situation is not a surprise. The effect it has on the economy is hurtful but expected. The US President Donald Trump claims the decision is coming after a long and detailed consideration of all aspects of the situation, as well as any other. The risk on consumer’s pockets is eminent, and this outcome was expected and feared for over a year now.

Retailers across the US are aiming to prevent the damaging consequences to their businesses by jacking up prices in the following months leading up to Thanksgiving craze. The retail industry could be an unexpected supporter of Trump’s plans regarding tariffs. Still, the strategic precision itself is no longer possible in these surroundings.

So, what does it mean for the consumers’ wallets? It’s highly unlikely you will find a rack marked: “Prices raised by trade war here”, so you will have to do a little research on your own. Keep in mind that the individual chains are the ones with pricing power. The current situation has its separate effects on the markets, too. The S&P 500 index is considerably close to the recession levels, despite the higher-than-expected stocks performance since the beginning of the year.

What is the current state of the US economy? So far, this is marked as the month of the biggest fall since 2012. The levels are even lower than after the election of the current US President Donald Trump. The initially strong economy over the past 2 years is providing the president an extra push and encouragement to go bold and beyond with the tariffs on Chinese goods, but the moves have previously shown to be damaging to both economies.

Still, Trump’s plan is not only set in motion but will be continued with another 15% tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese import by the end of the year. As a response, Beijing has reinstated tariffs on US crude oil. The cycle continues, bringing Asian stocks down and the prices of gold and oil to sky-high levels. The continuation of the US-China trade talks is in question now more than ever, with Beijing advising Washington to focus on the deal rather than slapping more tariffs, which are unproductive for both sides.

How will the UK parliament suspension affect Brexit?

As the deadline for the UK’s long-awaited EU departure approaches, Brexit hit another snag when new PM Boris Johnson announced Parliament suspension. What could it mean for the deal, and subsequently, the economy?

After several extensions gained by the former prime minister Theresa May regarding Brexit, the deadline was set to October 31st. It soon became clear that the majority of both House of Commons and House of Lords would most likely block the deal, so Johnson took action. With the blessing given by the Queen herself, the Parliament’s absence in the Brexit decision could take a turn for the worse.

Furthermore, the suspension also gives less time for legislators to debate and try to stop a no-deal Brexit, which is the most likely solution. The addition to the already complicated situation is Johnson’s request for an unusually long Parliament suspension, especially considering the essence and the urgency of the Brexit issue.

On the other hand, the opponents of the no-deal are working harder and faster to block it, which would force Johnson to go back to Brussels and ask for another extension of the deadline. Also, there is a fair number of supporters who consider the entire process has dragged on long enough and would stand by any deal that results in the UK’s detachment from the European Union.

Protesters from all around the country are speaking out and showing their outrage regarding the decision about the Parliament shut down, but the disapproval is also evident within the Parliament itself. From undermining the basic democratic values to pushing personal agendas, Lords and Commoners are making the Parliament shake from the inside with their takes on this matter.

Considering that this session has run quite long, the pressure of making a decision is that much more intense. The PM’s intentions so far prove that the key to his political stand is a “do or die” Brexit – meaning, Johnson is determined to meet the October 31st deadline no matter what it takes. The Parliament’s sessions usually last a year, but the current one has been running for over two years – since June 2017. During the shutdown, otherwise known as prorogation – all the debates and voting are suspended, and the laws waiting to pass through most commonly meet a bitter end. According to Johnson’s plan, this would be the longest Parliament shutdown of 23 working days, if not longer.

5 Types Of Forex Trading Strategies That Work

Trading Strategy

There are many different variety of strategies and techniques that can help the one determine the best entry level and the exit points on the timely basis. The market analysis and traders are constantly innovating upon the strategies to devise these methods to make sure that they have better understanding of the currency market movements.

Position Trading

This is one of the long term trading approach where you can hold trades for weeks together. There are many fundamental analysis in your trading which you have to make sure that you have a bias towards. As these trades are for long term they do not require a lot of time. This one reason why this can be a little less stressful even when there is price fluctuation. This requires you to have a firm understanding of fundamentals which help you understand a wide loss. It is a common that you might not even make profits every year.

Swing Trading

Swing Trading

This is medium term trading strategy where you can hold the trades for weeks and then when the trader reaches a swing you can capture a single move. To being a swing trader you do not have to spend a lot of time in it. It is possible that you can also receive more trading opportunities. One of the main con is that there is an overnight risk that come up with this kind of trading.

Day Trading

This is a short term trading strategy where you are holding the trades for few minutes or hours. This is one of the most volatile as this is an instrument of making instant money . If you are having a good year you can be sure that you will find ways to make money and there is no over night risks which accompanies you in your positions. It can be stressful where you will have to watch the markets constantly. If you have a massive spillage you can easily loose everything.



Scalping is a very short term strategy where you can hold trades for minutes. The main concern here is to know what market is doing now and the ways you can take advantage of the situation. The main tool here is the order flow. This is one way traders can easily trade in with a lot of opportunities and can make a healthy income out of it. It has high financial cost and you might have to stay in front of the TV for long.

Transition Trading

This is one of the ideal trade which can operate in lower frame time. This increases your target profit and the trail can loss on higher timeframe. You can get insane rewards when compared to the risks and can significantly lower the risk as you enter in lower timeframe.

Auto Trading

Another popular option these days is to trade on crypto currencies with auto trading robots such as Bitcoin Trader or Bitcoin Revolution.


The Best Trading Tips for Forex Trading in 2019


The market is filled with investors and potential investors who are looking for various platforms to put their money. Thankfully, time has created new platforms and people have built curiosity. One such market that has always been at the top of things in terms of investment is Forex trading or Foreign Exchange. This huge market has all that it takes to make your investment into an amount that can make you rich. But before you jump into things, you need to know some tips that will be handy down the road. So, here are some best trading tips for Forex Trading in 2019.

1. The Right Broker

Selecting a broker might not be a big deal, but getting the right one is a big deal. Your broker needs to be trustworthy and should have all the information required to help you make a fortune. The broker that you choose needs to blend in with your investment schemes and strategies, making the journey easy and comfortable.

Right Broker

2. Methods and Strategies

Nobody walks into the Forex Market or any other market without having a specific plan at hand. You need a specific motive that helps you make the right choice at the right moment. Your investments need to bear huge returns, and that is impossible if you make the wrong moves. But it is not easy to develop a strategy, as you require proper information and knowledge in the field. Hence, go ahead and do some research.

3. Small Moves or Steps

The process of learning will not be easy, and you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Giving adequate time to learn and adapt is the best thing that you can do in this scenario. At times many people tend to consult financial advisors to avail the best deal for their investment. But things can go ahead without a financial advisor if you give yourself a sufficient amount of time.

4. The Beginning of Stress

As you venture further into this world, you will realise the formation of stress and how it affects your well being. You may begin getting involved in certain habits that might not be good for your health. In such a scenario, you need to take control of yourself by getting attached to reality. The feeling of being nervous is common, and you need to overcome them. This is not a struggle and emotions should not decide your actions.


5. Get Used to Risks

We have all heard about the concept and meaning of “risk”. This particular aspect is something that is involved in every single investment scheme, and there is nothing that you can do about it, except to face it. The initial risk that you face will teach you a lesson or two, and the result might even be successful. Hence, hang in there.