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FINOVATION- Forex white label

With the diversification of the global markets in the past couple of years, there are so many emerging possibilities for each trader and a specific business goal. Different assets including stocks, currencies, and indices can be traded on different levels of the market in a way to fulfill your trading adventure. Forex white label is a new and up and coming tool that is aimed at helping you do exactly that – drive your wildest trading dreams into an exciting reality.

In its core, a white label is a business strategy that allows you to take the best and the most useful features of a certain business plan or venture and turn it into different types of plans with one common goal – to suit your trading goals. The white label originally started as a way for start-ups to adapt to a wild and unpredictable trading landscape, that is led by strong competitors. This way, every business, and every client can have a legitimate chance to try and come on top, by using tips and tricks that the market already allows.

As time passed, the white label-type of business has become suitable for experienced brokerages, too. What’s so special about it is trust and experience. In other words, the traders that were once starting out and had a safe guide and anchor within the white label system, are now trading pros! Because, if you have a perfect formula to fulfill your trading dreams, why change it?

On your journey of developing trading skills, you will easily find yourself striving for something more, something bigger and greater. That is only natural – the trading world will pull you in with its allure and make you feel like anything is possible, but how can that be? Well, this is where Forex white label works its magic. Namely, within this system, you will be able to start your own brokerage and run it fully and solely under your own identity! This way, you will be completely independent and be able to run your own show however you please, suitable to your wildest trading dreams, and grow your presence with each trading day.

And if you happen to hit a snag, that’s exactly what we’re here for! Finovation has one main goal, and that is to help you on your journey of becoming a successful trading pro. From our variety of services to educational tools, we will create a specific business plan that will suit your advantages while complimenting the flaws and obstacles which you will stumble upon to along the way.


Here at FINOVATION , we accept and acknowledge that things are not always perfect. But then again, that’s what life is all about. That’s why we created a special white label program, which recognizes both the positive and negative sides of the market. If you ask us, obstacles are just another opportunity for improvement, and we are all about overcoming hardships in order to help you become the greatest trader you can possibly be.

Each aspect of our Forex White Label strategy is designed specifically to suit each trader, no matter who you are or where you come from. During our years of experience on the market, there is pretty much nothing we haven’t seen. And that’s what’s so great about this whole experience – constantly learning and finding new things about yourself as a trader, and us as a company to guide you on that journey.

Our Forex White Label program is quite unique, which is obvious from the first time you glance at it. From creating your own website to providing back-office assistance and business intelligence, FINOVATION is your one and only stop for trading success. Our technologies are constantly improving as well as the market is, so we can provide you the most cutting-edge solutions as time goes by. Our family of traders knows that best – it is simply astonishing how technology is fast-paced and exciting, with a new feature popping almost daily. We are watching closely for the new talents and innovations within the fintech industry, so you can always be up to date with the latest features.

Digitalization has brought quite a revolution into the world of trading, making our connection to you faster and more effortless than ever before. In just a few simple clicks you can begin your trading adventure with as much or as little help or guidance you need from us. Regardless, our team here at FINOVATION is always prepared to hop in if you happen to hit a bump in the road.

With our white label program, you will be able to rely on our cutting-edge software, which has been a market leader for years now. This way, you can scout websites and watch your favorite assets perform on the market in real-time. Here at FINOVATION , we strive to provide you with accurate and detailed information that is always up to date, so you can make the smartest trading decision on your own.

This strategy known simply as Forex White Label connects you with traders from all around the world. You can interact with them as they interact with your website and grow your brokerage by the minute. And for every transaction each trader makes, you get an even bigger advantage in the market, which is highly competitive.

The most important tool for getting ahead is knowledge. We at FINOVATION are always improving and accepting new educational skills so you can improve with us, and improve your business, too. The White Label allows you special, in-depth access into all the features of the trading world. You always wanted to know how it all works behind the scenes? Good! FINOVATION ’s White Label gives you an exclusive insight into the good, the exciting and the beautiful when it comes to trading on the market.

White Label types of business are cost-effective, which is one of the many reasons why so many traders turn to us. By cutting out the middle-man, FINOVATION allows you to create your own business strategy in whichever way you see fit. We give you the tools needed, and you can use them in a way you always dreamed of. As a result, today we have a variety of business strategies and platforms within the trading world, which attract different types of traders by fulfilling their goals. This is a great thing and a big improvement for the entire trading landscape. Today, the world of trading is more inclusive than ever and welcoming to both trading pros and beginners. If you happen to be one, it is never too late (or too early) to start! Forex White Label is the most common way to adapt to the exciting ups and downs of trading.

FINOVATION values your trust as the highest asset at our disposal. Forget about high-tech solutions and market success if our traders are even an ounce less than completely satisfied and astonished. We are our own biggest critics, and that’s why we always research for more information and educational tools to improve ourselves, so you can improve your business along with us. Our White Label program is the best proof of that – we eliminated all the extra and unnecessary costs, such as maintenance and transitional costs. This way, you can focus solely on trading itself, and not be dragged down by a new expense every now and then.

White Label program at FINOVATION stands out thanks to many different features and assets – one of which is the blockchain technology. You may have heard about this term if you ever dipped your feet in the highly exciting world of trading Bitcoin. The thing that is so refreshing about it is that this type of information stored is the most secure one in the world. Namely, each piece of information that is valuable to you, is subsequently valuable to us, as well. That’s why we organized this White Label program in a way that even we can’t have access to it for more than needed to set up your business.

How does this work? Well, each blockchain is storing your private information and decoding it in a way that can never be accessed or abused. This is possible thanks to the high level of independence that the blockchain technology is known for, by not being controlled by any individual. Rather, a system of computers based all around the world are processing and storing everything you input, denying access to any other individual or a program.

In the end, we know you have a lot of options out there, and we are happy to contribute to the variety of different possibilities on the market today. One thing is certain – the white label business is a venture that has revolutionized the way businesses work. The advanced technology and refined business structure are just one of the many advantages that will compliment your uniqueness as a trader and as a business person. We can’t wait to see what you come up with within your own White Label plan! Exciting things are ahead, and you’re only getting started.



How to use Forex trends to your trading advantage

Forex is short for Foreign Exchange, and it is fairly new but an up and coming area of market trading. It is unique and unlike any other with many distinctive features, which we will present in the following passages. Through this significant area of trading, you can watch certain trends form as time passes, and try to use them to your advantage suitable to your biggest trading goals and needs.


What is the latest Forex news? Since markets are constantly changing and evolving, the trading landscape is improving fast while embracing new types and tricks of trading. Over time, trends can form – creating new and creative ways of engaging with stocks, indices, and currencies. What is a trend, anyway? Is it the same as in fashion trends? Well, it’s quite similar, though it has some differences.


A trend represents some sort of tendency of a certain force to get organized in a way that it will be easily recognizable by a vast variety of people. Who can forget the great fashion trend of suspenders? Everyone used to wear them! Thankfully, that’s over with. Because though trends can form over time and create a powerful impact, sometimes they expire and need to be replaced with something new and better.


The same goes for Forex trends. As the market evolves, the trends go along with it. By keeping up, they implement new and unique ways of market trading, creating a new generation of successful traders. And with each trader that joins this ride, something new and special is added to the mix, improving these trends in a way that they satisfy all the requirements of the hectic trading landscape we see today.


One other important thing about trends is that they can move in every direction – up or down, left or right and all the way back to the beginning again. You never know, because although trends are reliable in a way because they are long-standing, they can also change swiftly as they came to be like they never existed. This is the reason why there are special scientific branches and methods that deal with trends – as they are an endless source of new knowledge.


Trends can be long term or short term, it depends on many factors. From the current global political situation to the economic obstacles in the other parts of the world, it all adds a special touch to the mix of Forex trading, which can possibly “make or break” the market during a particular trading session. Detecting certain trends can also affect the success of each individual trader. Though they are not as reliable, they can still serve as a helpful guide in times of uncertainty, which is most, if not all the time spent on the market.


When it comes to currencies, you can pretty much make out on your own what will happen, depending on the economy of the state in which the currency is used. There can be no huge surprises if you are familiar with the inner political construction which can possibly affect a certain currency at some point. Speaking of economy, its main goal is to drive investors. More investors – a more successful economy, hence, a much stronger currency than before.


Especially after the old gold-based system broke down after World War I, the demand for gold as an alternative to fiat currencies is creating a higher demand for currencies, especially in the countries which are rich in gold, such as Australia, Canada or South Africa.


So, when something significant happens, how can we determine if it’s a trend or just a range? Ranges are much less impactful and shorter-lasting, while trends can withstand longer periods of time, including months or even years. To decide on the difference between the two, the most useful tool out there is technical analysis.


This type of study is a trading discipline that evaluates different types of investments while trying to identify trading opportunities. The main instrument this analysis applies are trends – the common direction of a certain event on the market. These trends can be quite different, from price movements to volume, everything that the analysis considers useful will most likely affect your trading journey in the long run.

When you engage in closer research of the Forex news, you can easily notice how these trends are a visible reason for practically each trading event in the world. For example, oil prices have a tendency of decreasing as the stockpiles rise, since there will probably be no reason for a shortage soon. Similarly, if something happens to disrupt this situation – such as a war or a health crisis that affects oil production – the turmoil will affect the oil prices in a huge way, creating a downward trend until certain conflict ease.


An important fact to note is that the technical analysis uses anticipation, not a prediction. Expecting a scientific method to predict anything is pointless since science is based on facts. That’s why technical analysis is looking at and researching the previous and current events, hoping to anticipate how will they develop in the future.


Why is anticipation important? Whether you admit it or not, your emotions gravely affect your trading experience, no matter who you are or where you come from. So, when you are led by emotions, it is only natural that you would anticipate and try to predict the outcome on your own. But with technical analysis, you will have a clearer image, backed up by facts and scientific research. This way you can focus on creating a unique trading strategy for yourself, instead of dwelling on details of past experiences. Technical analysis does that for you.

When a certain trend takes place, it can also go in reverse after some significant movement or event. This is known as a reversal, and it is quite common among Forex news. It can happen in a blink of an eye, but if you take a closer look you will be able to notice what contributed to this sudden change. And although it is impossible to predict what will happen in the near or distant future, as we mentioned before, you can still track some factors and try to apply them in a way it serves your trading goal.

But what if you can’t detect which factor is useful, and which is just passing by? This is where the simplicity of trading comes to shine – by filtering out the unnecessary noise, you can look at the clearer picture and get better results of the situation. For example, if you analyze only the price of a certain asset, you will notice many new different parts and details about it and connect them to your own experience and knowledge. In all honesty, a certain pattern becomes significant only if it was historically repeated in 80% to 90% of the same situations, which rarely occurs. One of the important features that can affect this is the season itself. Spring or winter, which season do you prefer? With trading, seasons affect your experience in many ways, and might not in the way you thought of at first.


Namely, if you are, for example, looking to trade long-term, you could wait for a certain currency to take a seasonal trend, and assume exactly what will happen during that period in time. On the other hand, if you are a short-term trader, you can significantly decrease your holding period if you open a trade that is against this trend. In both cases, seasonal trends are useful as two sides of the same coin.

All of this created three basic principles of the technical analysis, which are considered as a guide-list in today’s research, as well. They are:

  1. The market considers prices the most – namely, technical analysis focuses solely on prices and their patterns, mainly because it considers that the price itself already consists of all other factors. From the company’s internal effects on the price of a certain asset to trading psychology, all of this is already a part of the listed price of the asset. This makes it easier to consider other factors, which are many in the broad landscape of the market trading
  2. All prices will move in trends – sooner or later, the price of each asset on the market will take its natural course and form a habit with other factors, creating a trend which you can easily follow and rely your research on
  3. History, after all, always repeats itself – more or less, we were all witnesses to this. What once happened, could easily come into form once again, often without any explanation, even. This is the magic of life, as well as market trading – past experiences tend to repeat themselves through the trading sessions as time passes.

In the end, technical analysis uses forecasts to try and anticipate (not predict!) certain trends in trading, so you would have more enjoyable trading experience. As you can see, there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes, and efforts which are put into every single one of them.


Forex Stocks trading


Did you ever hear a story about Joseph Kennedy? He was a semi-wealthy investment banker on Wall Street, who was walking to work one day and decided to stop by the shoe-shining boy on the curb of the place where he worked. While he watched his shoes being polished to the sparkling black glow, he heard the boy comment on the stock market crash happening at any time. Kennedy was rather startled – if a simple shoe-shining boy could own a stock, then it must have meant that it’s time to get rid of it. Luckily for Kennedy – not so luckily for the rest of modern America – that day is known in history as “Black Thursday”.

On this day in 1929, Wall Street has suffered its largest, deepest crash that created devastation which led to the greatest economic crisis of all time. Subsequently to these events, the overall gross income of the entire nation dipped by 50%, while the unemployment rate rose to 25%, marking it the biggest one in US history.

Unlike the stiff 1920s, anyone can own stocks today. This is the basis of the appeal when it comes to stock trading – no matter who you are or where you’re from, with a little money and a stable Wi-Fi connection, you are able to come a long way with investing in the stock market.

The market is more accessible and diverse, accepting and welcoming both trading pros and first-timers, making it easier for traders from all around the globe to even set up their own brokerage in few simple steps.

Most new investors think of stock trading as a short-term investment instrument for their biggest trading dreams. And though this is true to an extent – there are many new ways to implement strategies and make the stock trading a long-standing and successful tradition. And while you cannot exactly predict where the stock will go next, there are some indicators that can teach you the nature of stock market trading.

What is a stock, anyway? A stock represents a share in the company’s assets and earnings. When a company decides to go public, it will list its IPO (Initial Public Offering) and will allow anyone on the market to buy or sell stocks in its possession. Since it represents a part of the ownership, by owning a stock you can have a say in the matter of the company (voting rights) or rather earn steady dividends from the company’s profit. This way, simply by investing in a certain stock, you can have that investment pay off over and over again through these dividends.

Stocks can be sold and bought on stock exchanges, which need to be conformed to strict government regulations. Like any other industry, for the stock trading to function properly, rules and boundaries need to be set not only for the state’s protection but for your own as well. This way, through universal laws and policies your rights and your funds are protected from fraud and other criminal activities.

How is stock issuing beneficial for the companies? Well, through stock exchange each company aims to raise funds for its business to go smoothly. When a stockholder buys a share in the company, as that company progresses, so does the dividend for that shareholder. It’s a win-win situation for both sides. However, it should be noted that stockholders do not actually own corporations.

For example, if the company gets closed down, the shareholders don’t get to claim chairs, tables and other physical assets of the company to get paid out their cut. Rather, they sell their ownership in the stocks accordingly to their current value on the market. This way, your personal assets are never at risk no matter the difficulties a certain company may be going through. Of course, you can hold onto the shares even after the fact, this is your personal decision that doesn’t affect anyone else but yourself.

There are two ways for companies to gain additional funds. Either through borrowing money from the bank or another individual or through issuing stocks. While borrowing, otherwise known as debt financing, comes with interest, it generally creates more harm than good in the long run. With equity financing, on the other hand, each company grows by adding new members as shareholders. By sharing the load, they share the satisfaction of making a profit, thus driving more business as time passes.

The FXVC platform makes it easier than ever for traders to indulge in the excitement of stock trading. While this type of trading can seem intimidating, FXVC aims to educate you through many professional tools in order to make the job easier and more enjoyable than before. An appealing trading platform is created to be user-friendly and approachable, while constantly assuring traders that they can gain easy access to the results of the market performance.

When issuing shares, there are a few things to consider before making the leap. On one hand, issuing a bigger number of shares will naturally decrease their value. But it will also drive a bigger number of investors. Similarly, one person can decide on buying multiple or the majority of shares available and by becoming a majority shareholder, have a lot more say in the company itself.

On the other hand, when it comes to dividends, they don’t necessarily mean you will receive a regular dose of the bounty from the company each month. This usually only refers to the longest-standing companies such as Apple or Google. Most new companies, however, issue something which can be referred to as “growth stocks” – meaning, the company will reinvest those dividends instead of paying them back to you. This can drive a significant amount of profit in the long run, so stock trading usually requires a lot of patience.

To buy or sell stocks you will need a broker – a licensed professional to guide you through it all and do all the heavy lifting. For their hard work, you will have to pay them commission, but that’s natural like in any other business exchange. Brokers can be present on the trading floor or do the exchanges electronically or over the phone. Some exchanges also seem like auctions, where there is an additional level of excitement at play. The most common example of this type is the New York Stock Exchange. The NASDAQ, on the other hand, is an electronic stock exchange.

When it comes to online stock trading, the same basic principles apply – you will still need a broker who you will instruct what to do electronically, and you will use real money, of course. In addition, you will be able to request your trades on your own and have the ability to contact live brokers or reach other types of assistance at FXVC.

In the crowd of companies offering to do all these things for you, how do you know which one is the most suitable for you? Though each one has its perks, FXVC aims to acquire all of the best features by putting them neatly into one package set for the win. Based on how much money you want to invest or how often you want to make your trades, there are different types of strategies and approaches you can take. That’s why establishing a strong confident relationship with your broker is a crucial part of stock trading.

Stock exchanges are set up in a way that you can see everything unravel in front of your eyes. Since things are concentrated in a small space, following the fluctuating prices can be easier than with other types of trading. Not only that – the FXVC platform allows you to follow the latest news and developments all over the world. How is this beneficial? Well, when you track the latest geopolitical events, you can easily detect how will the company perform based on the facts you have and try to decide on your further trading step. In addition, all publicly traded companies are obligated to issue their quarterly earnings reports, which is another helpful tool in your trading journey.

Many companies often go through mergers or acquisitions, and this can significantly affect your stocks, too. For example, the more shares you own, the bigger the voting power. This way you can affect the decision that the board of directors makes. So, when one company buys another one, it buys their stocks as well, shifting their power center and your position, too.

In the end, stock trading is as exciting and alluring as any other type of trading. With its quirks and distinctive features, every trader can be drawn with a unique approach to the market. Whatever your trading goals may be, stock trading is sure to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you watch the market perform and affect your investments. With FXVC, this process is made more enjoyable and beneficial. Brokers are available to offer their help and assistance at any time, and no question is too difficult or complicated to address.


Forex Online Trading

Online trading has made its way into the hearts and minds of many clients around the globe. Ever since the beginning of the 21st century, digitalization is revolutionizing the way businesses work, and trading is just another one of many industries to fall under its alluring spell. When trading first came to be, you had to go through many different channels and sources to set up one single trade. You had to go directly to the stock exchange, do your research there, choose a broker, but what if it fails?

Now, you have so many more options, and in just a few clicks. You can trade from your PC, tablet or even mobile device, all you need is a good Wi-Fi connection and you will be good to go.

Of course, the technical side we just mentioned is just the beginning. In online trading, such as any other area, you can acquire some useful skills which can help you in your everyday life, as well. The art of negotiation, following your instincts and managing stress, are just some of the many that come to mind.

When first entering the exciting world of online trading, a person can easily get caught up in all the sparkle. The hectic landscape of day-to-day trading moves quite fast, up and down and back up again, and you never know what could happen next. This may seem intimidating, but it is also the number one perk of online trading, which attracts so many new clients with every passing day.

Being tempted to a certain asset that is currently performing well can come quite naturally, but it wouldn’t hurt to study its history first. What made it jump so inexplicably? Where will it go next? While this is impossible to predict, studying the bigger picture that surrounds that asset can come quite handy. The political situations, a health crisis or even a change in the structure of a certain company can affect a certain asset drastically. This is how trends are formed – and they are one of the most useful tools which you can use to your advantage.


Opening a trading account is the first step into online trading. Pretty simple, huh? Still, it isn’t hard for us to remind you, especially since the first step is usually the most difficult one. But once you overcome your doubt, a new world of opportunities will present itself. When deciding on opening an account, you will be presented with so many new trading platforms, each one offering something special and unique. Fast execution, astonishing spreads, and witty educational tools are just some of the many features that have become obligatory for a full-functioning trading platform. FXVC is one of the longest-standing platforms, which welcomes a variety of traders, both pros and first-timers. It is designed specifically to suit the need for each one of the valuable clients and the trading goals they aim to accomplish.


Putting your trust in a trading platform is difficult to decide, especially with so many options available. When engaging in an online activity of any kind, there is one specific area that comes into play more than any other – safety. Putting your information and your money into someone else’s hands requires a smart and detailed decision. When you approach the market with certainty and confidence in yourself and the platform you are choosing, the market usually responds to you with the same positivity of your own decision-making. So, choosing wisely is key.


Knowledge is an endless source of power, and online trading is no different. Especially in terms of technology, there is a new development around every corner. FXVC aims to keep you updated with all the new things by bringing them into the spotlight, and analyzing them in a way that people from all around the globe can understand them, and apply them to their unique trading strategies.


Of course, it is always useful to study the bigger picture, instead of focusing on a certain asset. In online trading, everything is connected and one thing affects the other, even though it may not seem that way on a first glance. And who knows, what looked grim today can blossom tomorrow, so broadening your views is always a smart idea.


When you enter the market, it is easy to get tempted and start chasing something that may seem like a “sure-fire thing”. Especially with the emerging social online trading, you are able to get a sense of what other, more experienced traders are doing. This can make you get caught up in a crowd, which may not always end well. That’s why it is important to do your own research because, in the end, each trader is different. What works for other traders, may not necessarily work for you, and it goes both ways.


With day trading, this type of research is especially important. Since you have a limited amount of time to do your thing, you should make sure it’s done right. So, this is where FXVC educational tools can come in handy. From webinars and economic calendars to expert analysis and e-books, the possibilities are endless.


Online trading can consume a lot of your time with its appeal and rush. This is why planning is crucial – by clearing your schedule in order to get fully focused on all the opportunities in front of you. Time management is just one of the many useful features you can pick up along the way without even realizing it. And before you know it, it will be an important part of your core, available for you to apply it in every other aspect of your life, as well.


Keeping your head high and cool is very important when it comes to online trading. Things can easily get heated, sending you on a rollercoaster of emotions. While this may seem exciting and alluring at first, it can also make you lose your grip and focus. That’s why it is important to stay grounded and mend your losses when possible. In the end, there is always another time and another opportunity to achieve greatness, if you only rely on yourself and your confidence.


When you first enter the FXVC analysis section, you might get lost in all the big words and detailed articles. But with some practice and hard work, you too can become crafty in making your own analysis of the things that matter to you especially when it comes to online trading. What differentiates the technical from the fundamental analysis? How can you study trends? While both of these areas are crucial, one has many distinctive features from the other. Combining them can be useful as well in some situations when your trading goals intersect creating the best of both worlds.


There are things that can be discouraging on the market, as well. As in any other industry, the online trading world is filled with experienced professionals that have the knowledge, access to technology and connections, which create a unique safety net even in the worst of times. So, how can a newbie survive this? The answer – by putting their trust into a big, longstanding name that acknowledges these differences and makes them useful, instead of pushing them aside. This was FXVC’s main goal since the very beginning – celebrating uniqueness and using flaws as an opportunity for growth and encouragement for improving. Through this platform having access to liquidity makes it easier to assess strengths and weaknesses, both on the market and within yourself.

In addition, volatility is a force that drives assets into different directions, contributing to the changes in their value. Volatility is impossible to predict, but tracking it through trends can make a trader’s life so much easier. With bigger volatility come chances for a bigger profit. But bigger profit drives more risk, so keeping that in mind is a number one fact to pay attention to.

Buying assets is just one side of the coin that is online trading. For your opportunities to really come through, it is also important to know when to sell. This is something that is acquired with time and patience, but there are some useful tools to apply to make the job easier, as well. Fading, scalping, and momentum are just some of the many strategies that can help you decide what works best for you as an independent, up and coming trader. There is no particular formula that guarantees success, so all that is left is trying over and over again until you find what is the most suitable option for you and your trading dreams.

To conclude, there are many factors that contribute to your experience in online trading. From the current geopolitical situation to your personal preferences and goals which drive you to enter the market, these are the features that make each trading experience unique and special. And what started as something intimidating and challenging can soon turn into greatness and success. That’s why patience, perseverance and a bit of stubbornness can take you a long way.



FXVC.EU- Review

FXVC stands for a long-lasting tradition in the online trading business. It is a platform with some significant features, which pop up as soon as you hear the name. At the very first thought is the logo itself – which combines the colors green and blue for their signature trademark. These colors are set to lighten your mood while resting your eyes and relaxing your whole body so you can focus on what’s in front of you – your trading journey.

This FXVC review will cover some of the most distinctive features and options truthfully, so you can make your own decision when choosing the perfect brokerage for your trading dreams. FXVC platform has years of experience in connecting clients with several markets – from stocks and indices to Forex. This way, you can trade over 300 currencies, cryptos and commodities with just a few clicks. The platform was pretty much ahead of its time, early on adjusting its format to both desktop and mobile devices, for even easier use.

FXVC was founded back in 2014 with one common goal – gaining loyalty and trust of the traders from around the world. FXVC aims to be inclusive above anything else – whether you are a trading pro or a newcomer in the alluring world of trading, the FXVC will communicate with you in a way that you will feel appreciated and respected.

With trust and loyalty comes safety, which is especially important in today’s fast-paced online world. Knowing your information is safe at all times is imperative – that’s why FXVC uses top-level technologies in order to ensure the safety of all your information. With the new and advanced principles and policies, not even the FXVC itself can use your information without your explicit permission. Their service providing is completely transparent, so you can see and learn who are you putting your trust in.


Regulation and Reliability

One other important feature when it comes to online trading is regulation. FXVC is regulated with the license of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, which is one of the most reputable licensing in the trading world. Their licensing information is listed clearly in the “About Us” section of the FXVC website, so you can check for yourself and make sure everything is in order. This type of licensing is highly-strict and they create harsh enforcement of the rules and regulations in the industry. Very few trading platforms can pride themselves with owning this license, and FXVC is one of them.

What does that mean? Well, the broker itself, FXVC in this case, doesn’t have an option except for following those regulations and doing their clients right from start to finish. If not, they will be hit with a huge fine, which will do irreparable damage to their name. Aside from the highly qualified team at CySEC, another important part that contributes to the FXVC reliability is its own staff, which ensures each individual needs of a client are met. If you ever need any type of assistance, you can easily reach them through many channels including phone, e-mail, and their P.O. Box.

How can you make sure that a certain platform is still reliable, aside from a few big words and licensing information? Well, you can do your own research, just as you do by reading these lines. One of the best proofs of someone’s reliability is the experiences themselves. With FXVC, it is quite easy to find that their reputation is long-standing and impeccable. FXVC takes pride in engaging with their clients regularly, listening to their advice and demands for improvement. As a result, you have a platform that is constantly evolving and changing for the better, encouraging you as a client to do the same.


Trading Platform

FXVC has high-quality software which is impossible to corrupt, which is quite important when it comes to online trading. After all, there is a lot of money at stake, so safety is a must. In addition, FXVC uses its own proprietary trading platform, which adds its own unique qualities to the already established patterns. The user interface is quite simple and friendly – there are no flashing ads or signs that will derail you from your goal and cloud your judgment. With FXVC, what you see is always what you get.

It is quite simple to get your way around, even if this is your first ever experience with a trading platform of any kind. When you click on the section marked, appropriately – “Trading Platform”, you will encounter several sub-sections including stocks, indices, currencies, and cryptos. By clicking through each one you will be able to check out the tables that show you how that certain market is performing in real-time. And if the numbers and lines are too confusing and you are a more visual type – FXVC has a solution for that, too!

On the right side of the page, you will see a chart that basically shows you the same thing – and color-coordinates the lines based on the certain asset rising on dropping on the market. These trading indicators are quite important when you’re trying to make a trading game plan and FXVC aims to make that go as smooth as possible.



Aside from the handy charts, FXVC offers a whole other variety of trading tools and options. From educational e-books to analysis and technical indicators, we are certain you will be able to find the educational tool that will satisfy your specific trading needs. Since the market is constantly improving, the only logical move would be for you to the same, right? And with FXVC, you can do that alongside one of the hardest-working brokerages in the world.

In addition, with the fast changes going on in the world, it is also useful for you to be updated with current events. It may seem at first like they don’t have any relation to trading, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! For example, every geopolitical event affects the economy of the countries involved. And by that correlation, it will automatically affect the respective currencies of those countries, as well as the assets that are being traded from and to a certain country.

This shows how the inside features of the trading worlds are connected and one affects the other, while FXVC aims to put that complexity into one clear and detailed image.


Mobile Trading

We already mentioned FXVC proprietary software, which is designed specifically to be adapted to different types of devices. Whether you’re using your laptop, desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone, you will be able to access everything that FXVC has to offer.

The format of the platform is easy to access and read on any device, without the need to zoom in on anything or wait for it to load too long. The interface will be able to accommodate to any version and length of the screen, all you need to do is type the name on your browser and you will be good to go! As long as the market is open, you will be able to access all your favorite assets and trade them as you please.


Account Types

FXVC acknowledges that every trader is different and special. That’s why it aims to create special packages of accounts for each one of the clients, so they can find the most suitable place for themselves inside the FXVC family. FXVC has created 5 specific types of accounts, which are quite diverse and unique, and they depend on the amount of your deposit. As you put more funds into your account, you can move up the ladder and progress to more exclusive account packages.


The basic type of account is the most common one. You can acquire it after making a minimum of $500 deposit. You will have access to the FXVC trading platform, of course, but also the analysis research.


The silver account type is available to you after a $5000 deposit, and it gives you access to a variety of educational tools – from e-books to tutorials and charts. You can also contact your personal client-relationship agent and receive regular e-mail updates and reviews, so you never miss a thing.


The gold account type is one step above the silver. That means it includes all the special features we listed above, with one important addition – SMS announcements and notifications on your phone.


With the combination of the silver and gold type of an account, you can also trade with lower spreads and access the educational courses with will help you advance your trading knowledge even further.


Finally, the highest of them all is the VIP account type. With VIP, you can do practically anything – access all the rich and exciting features of the FXVC platform, have contact with the support team at any time and watch the market performance in real-time without a hitch.



In the end, there is just so much we can show you through our FXVC review. We hope we gave you an informative insight into one of the most reputable platforms in the world. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself!


How Forex Traders Make Money?

Forex trading is one of the most popular online investment opportunities. Learn what strategies can help you earn more profits from currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities.

Foreign exchange (FX or Forex) trading is a relatively recent way to make money from investing online. Unlike exchange-based methods such as stock and commodity trading, Forex involve taking advantage of the constantly changing prices for hundreds of currency pairs. To make a profit, you try to sell a pair at a price that is higher than what you paid to buy it. While this may seem simple, we’d like to explore a few easily learned techniques which can help you improve your results.

Trading Calendar

The most important way to maximize how much money you can make from Forex is to keep track of the trading calendar. FX pairs are basically a way to balance the performance of one country or region’s economy against that of another regional economy. This means that currency prices are tied to economic reports that are issued by governments on a consistent basis.

Many brokers provide access to a calendar that can be used to filter upcoming reports that are expected to have an impact on a specific currency. Some Account Managers will also send out signals which will alert you to upcoming events. Make a note of these reports. You can then prepare your account so that you are ready to place appropriate orders as soon as you have decided how the market will react.

Automated Trading

This can be made easier by creating rules that will trigger order activity when certain conditions are met. Software, such as the popular Metatrader 4 (MT4) can now be used to place trades automatically based on customized rules you select in advance. You can also create entry and exit points for orders to reduce your losses or lock in profits. This will allow you to make the most of every market move, even if it occurs when you are not available to trade manually. Automated trading can also take some of the emotion out of trading, which is a common cause of reduced profitability.

Trader Psychology

So, of course our last piece of advice is to take the emotion out of trading! No one is perfect. The markets are unpredictable in their nature, so one unsuccessful trade is not a personal failure. Numerous studies have shown that the majority of trades are made in the right direction. For example, you buy the EUR/USD and the price subsequently goes up.

Where novice investors, and unfortunately sometimes even professionals, mess up is that they stay in bad trades too long, and leave good trades too early. Decide in advance how much of your equity you are willing to risk on a single trade. Once you have lost that amount, close the trade and start over with something new. A good rule of thumb is to limit risk on any one trade to one percent or less of your account balance. Additionally, create Take Profit settings so that you can keep profitable orders open for as long as possible.

Adding these three techniques to your repertoire will help you graduate from a beginner to a star Forex trader. After you have mastered these skills, you can add more advanced techniques which will allow you to climb to the top of the FX investor ranks.  If you are interested in more tips about how to enhance your trading outcomes, we recommend speaking with an Account Manager from YorkCG. For more information on opening a Forex account, make sure to visit our web page.

How Do Forex Brokers Make Money?

Many people are investigating the potential of CFDs as a way to earn money. One of the best advantages of Forex trading is that it allows you to avoid the high commission fees charged by agents who work with traditional stocks and commodities. However, most investors will still need the services of a reputable broker who can supply a connection with the liquidity providers who offer currency pair pricing. Traders are often curious about how these brokers profit from the order process. Let’s go over what to expect when working with a company like YorkCG

First, let’s review how currency pair orders are created. Investors choose two currencies, and then decide which one of the two is most likely to go up, and which one is likely to go down. To open a trade, the investor buys lots (generally between 1,000 and 100,000 units) of the currency that he believes will be more successful. To close the trade, the investor must eventually sell the same number of lots of that currency. However, when a trade is opened there is always a difference between the buy price of a currency and its selling price. That difference is called “the spread”.

The spread exists because the selling price of a currency at any given time is usually lower than the buying price. This means that you need to have the currency move more than that difference before you see any profits from that order. The most common way for brokers to make money is through the spread. There are two main types of trading models that brokers choose: straight-through processing and the dealing desk. Let’s look at how both options can affect traders.

With straight-through processing (STP), the brokerage simply finds currency pairs to buy and sell, and gives the rates that they find to the trader. They charge a small fee for the service of finding prices. On the other hand, dealing desk brokers, or market makers, match buyers and sellers, or function as a seller directly. Dealing desk brokers typically earn a small amount from each client that they match, and the can also make money from the spread.

While it may seem that STP trading would lead to lower spreads, the broker needs to make money somehow. This can sometimes mean that liquidity providers with higher prices might pay them a bonus to bump up their ranking. This type of company also does not offer flexibility during periods of high volatility. This can weaken risk management strategies such as stop/loss orders, which rely on a set price being available in order to go into effect. Traders have suffered large losses when STP brokers have been unable to provide necessary liquidity.

On the contrary, market makers can use low spreads as a way to entice more buyers into the market, which they can use to match against their existing pool of sellers, in the hopes that they will make more money overall from a higher trading volume. With this type of model, it is much easier for a trader to find currency pairs at whatever price they desire.

Currency pairs are one of the best ways to profit from the relative performance of global economies. Now is the perfect time to start trading on a respected CFD platform such as that provided by YorkCG. For more information on Forex trading, make sure to visit our web page.




Can Forex Trading Make You Money?

While Forex is a high-risk investment, there are certain steps that can lead to better performance over the long run. Learn how to trade for the best chance at making a profit.

Forex trading involves buying and selling currency pairs online. The development of software which allows investors to place orders from home whenever the market is open has led to a boom in the number of people asking can Forex trading make you money. Because currency speculation has a lot of volatility, investors should always be careful not to put too much of their net worth into opening new positions. However, there are certain guidelines which successful traders adhere to which can keep you from facing unnecessary risk.

Don’t Confuse Win Rates with Profitability

When you close each trade, either manually or by using a program working according to parameters you set, you need to factor in not only if you have chosen the right asset and direction, but how much you can expect to make off that order. You can lose money even if most of the positions you open are “winners”, if the trades you get wrong lose more money than you earn with the trades you get right.

The easiest way to keep losses from wiping out previous earnings is to set a maximum deficit amount for each trade as you open them. This is done with a stop-loss order, which automatically closes the position if it goes negative over a certain point, which you select. The best part about stop-loss orders is that it takes the emotion out of trading. People tend to wait to long to get out of a losing position because it hurts to admit that you were wrong. Just remember, no one has a 100 percent success rate.

Watch Your Leverage

One of the advantages of working with currency pairs is that you can trade on margin. This means you only need to put up a fraction of the true value of an order when you open it. However, this can also be a problem, since it also increases the amount you owe if your position goes against you. Many traders limit their leverage amounts to 20:1 or less. With a 20:1 margin, you can control $200,000 in trades with $10,000 in account equity.  But if your order falls by 100 pips, you lose $2000.

Let’s compare this to trading on 200:1 margin, which is offered by many brokers. With the higher level of leverage, you can control $2,000,000 in trades with the same equity, but that 100-pip loss could cost you $20,000. Which means you might have to find an additional $10,000 just to bring your account back up to zero. Can you absorb that kind of risk?


Appropriate risk management is one of the most important parts of FX investing. By following a few simple rules, you can reduce the impact of some common ways in which currency traders lose money, although you will never be able to completely avoid the consequences of participating in a highly volatile market. If you would like to learn more about trading smarter, make sure to visit our web page.

The Basics of Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is basically your best friend on the market – it studies all your investment opportunities for you. It takes a lot of the pressure off by covering the lesser known and obvious trading features. What technical analysis studies are the trends on the market, trying to predict which direction they will go.


The main focus of this type of analysis are the price patterns. These patterns are quite useful since they serve as signals to whether the trend will go in a certain direction, or rather stay the same.


Since it focuses mainly on trends, you should know what the most common ones are. Depending on the current state of the market, they can be downward or upward. Both could go to your advantage, depending on what your goal on the market is. So study them carefully in order to apply them in the most suitable way for you.


Technical analysis can be used on many securities, from commodities to futures and currencies. It’s a unique trading discipline which you can apply to most trading cases, which is the basis of its appeal.


It was first introduced by Charles Dow in the late 1800s. Today, it has evolved so much that it contains a lot more methods and principles, depending on your trading goals. It is based on two of the most important statements:


  1. markets are the strongest factors contributing to the price of an asset
  2. market price movements are not random, rather they move in patterns.


Since it focuses on the patterns, technical analysis overtime developed another important principle – history repeats itself. In other words, price patterns and movements contribute to the formation of a certain trading psychology. This way, you can rely on the results of the analysis more than you would on your own predictions and expectations.

Will Binance return to the US?

After top-leading crypto exchange Binance announced it will go legit back in June one of the first steps was to cut ties with the US. The platform soon announced it will implement restrictions for US passport holders worldwide, as well as those who are US-based.

Binance grew to become one of the biggest names in the crypto world by allowing everyone to trade myriad tokens. Many of those are unavailable or limited on other exchanges, so Binance was the welcoming place for all who wished to go beyond the existing limits. During the past year, the platform decided to formalize its services and strengthen its place on the market. For that reason, Binance established its bases in the UK, Uganda, and Singapore.

However, they did announce a plan to create a special platform accustomed to the needs and the characteristics of the US market. For that purpose, Binance is teaming up with BAM Trading Services. For the time being, the US customers still won’t be able to sign up for the global Binance service. As for the existing US users, they were granted a 90-day grace period, after which they will be unable to deposit funds or make trades on the website. Still, US users could access the platform with a VPN. In addition, Binance allows its customers to sign up for a limited account without a KYC – which does not require providing verification documents, such as a passport copy. This way, they can access the platform no matter which country they are based in, but with a twist – they can only withdraw 2 Bitcoins a day.

The latest scoop is that will launch in the next couple of weeks. This deadline aligns with a rough date the grace period for the existing US users will come to an end. And if the deadlines are met, the clients shouldn’t have any problems or feel a difference in their everyday trading, since things will keep running smoothly. Also, KYC onboarding is expected to start a few days earlier, allowing users extra time to verify their accounts and make deposits.

The venture comes as a great relief to many valued clients based in the US. When Binance initially became unavailable to them back at the beginning of September, they lost many trading options for crypto assets. Also, there are plans for launching a decentralized exchange with the addition of new features such as margin trading.